InForm Fitness Podcast Recap

InForm Fitness Podcast Recap


InForm Fitness Has A Podcast?

In contemplating the relative success of the InForm Fitness Podcast – 20 Minutes with Adam Zickerman & Friends  – I was struck by both the daring of it and its underlying commitment to InForm’s Vision, Mission and Core Values. InForm Fitness took on the podcast project, considering how it aligned with our core values – to respect the value of time, honor the genius of simplicity, while using information to motivate and encourage. Those values represent who we are and, well, the Podcasts themselves tell the story of why we do what we do.

Build Muscle Safely and Efficiently

For over 20 years, InForm Fitness has been bucking convention. We believe in only one singular purpose of exercise – to build muscle safely and efficiently. But, why? And how is it that we promise optimal strength and physical potential throughout a Client’s lifetime, without compromising their health or risking injury? Hmmm. Well, much of the Podcasts’ content explain the precise how, and why.

Twenty Minutes of Fitness Science

Adam is an educator and sets the tone for the entire, extended InForm Fitness Team. Despite some initial and natural misgivings – I think his exact words were “like having a party that no one shows up to” – Adam has led the charge to deliver the perfect 20-minute weekly cocktail of science and sass to a rapidly growing audience – complete with real talk, related to your exercise and nutrition.

Having just completed Season 3, we are not only relieved, but thrilled that it’s been a resounding success! Season 3 concluded with Episode 32 and 9,030 episode downloads, so we’re smirking… just a little.

VIP’s of Fitness

Who are the usual suspects in each episode? The technical ring leader is Tim Edwards – Founder of InBound Films and InBound Podcasting Network. For Tim, capturing the stories of small businesses and their owners through video and podcasts is his true passion. Also noteworthy, Tim is a Client.

There’s always Adam Zickerman – the Adam Zickerman – behind it all. But he’s not the star. Nor are his sidekicks Sheila Melody, General Manager at the Toluca Lake, CA Studio, or General Manager at the NYC flagship Studio, Mike Rogers. The real VIPs are all the special guests and they’ve put out quite the line-up.

Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project

Among the most popular episodes are the very first, “Adam, you look like crap!”  Well, you’ve got to listen to that one. Also, there’s interviews with best-selling authors like Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project and biochemist Sylvia Tara of The Secret Life of Fat. And, some testimony from the likes of biomechanics expert Bill DeSimone. These are some seriously heavy hitters!

Our audience has also heard from Exercise Physiologist and Certified Master Trainer, Ryan A. Hall, Dr. Martin Gibala, author of The One-Minute Workout (ahem…that’s a whole 19 minutes shorter than ours). We’ve got Joanie Pimentel, from the Los Angeles based rock band No Small Children, sharing about her 2-year, 118-pound weight-loss journey with InForm Fitness.

And, of course, more on the importance of building muscle, our definition of “high-intensity,” the cardio myth, stretching, and burning fat.

Adam himself shares about both his 90-day physical transformation strictly following the Ketogenic Diet and confessions how he aggravated an old back injury doing his very own workout!

And in typical tribute fashion, Adam provides a very descriptive and detailed definition of a high-intensity workout from Ken Hutchins, one of the pioneers of this slow motion, high-intensity strength training system.

More InForm Fitness Podcasts to Come

Over the course of several forthcoming articles, I will delve into a few of the podcasts; both touching on the highlights and identifying the parallels which tie it all together. For now, just the broad strokes.

So, there’s nothing like a little success and validation to get the tracks greased. So … what’s up for Season 4, you ask? We are going to have ‘the Ladies of InForm Fitness,’

rock-star Client testimonials and real stories of dramatic life change, plus more experts on nutrition and exercise science. Be sure to catch up on all you’ve missed and tune in for Season 4.

Where to Find InForm Fitness Podcasts?

For reference, our podcast platforms include: iTunes, SoundCloud, Acast, TuneIn, OverCast. Stitcher & iHeart Radio soon.


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