12 Fat Loss and Face Melting: Joanie’s Story Part 1

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InForm Nation member Joanie Pimentel, from the Los Angeles based rock band No Small
Children, joins the Inform Fitness Podcast here in Episode 12.

Joanie talks about her 2-year weight loss journey with Adam Zickerman’s Power of 10 that
resulted in her losing 118 pounds!

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Intro:               You’re listening to the InForm Fitness podcast, 20 minutes with New York Times, best-selling author, Adam Zickerman and friends. Brought to you by InForm Fitness, life changing personal training with several locations across the US. Reboot your metabolism and experience the revolutionary Power of 10, the high intensity, slow motion, strength training system that’s so effective, you’d get a week’s worth of exercise in just one 20-minute session, which by no coincidence is about the length of this podcast. So, get ready InForm Nation, your 20 minutes of high intensity strength training information begins in 3, 2, 1.

Tim:                 What’s up InForm Nation? Thanks again for joining us here on a very special addition of the InForm Fitness podcast, 20 minutes with Adam Zickerman and friends. Now, why is it so special? Well, today, we have added a very talented guest to Adam’s group of friends to discuss high intensity weight training, weight loss and face melting. And we’ll explain that in a minute. But first, if you are joining us for the very first time, let’s roll around the room and introduce the team. I’m Tim Edwards from the Inbound Podcasting Network here in Los Angeles. And approximately 2800 miles from our LA studio is Mike Rogers and the founder of InForm Fitness, Adam Zickerman there in Manhattan. Now, back over here on the left coast is Sheila Melody. And Sheila, I’m going to go ahead and let you introduce our very special guest today.

Sheila:             I am so excited to have this very special guest on our show today. She is not only gorgeous and super talented but she is just an amazing person and she has a really, really inspirational story to tell us. She’s in an incredible band called No Small Children. She’s also a music teacher. Please welcome Joanie Pimentel. [applause]

Tim:                 Joanie.

Joanie:             Hello. Hello. Hello.

Tim:                 Thanks for joining us Joanie.

Joanie:             Unfortunately, what you’re hearing at this very moment are my dogs going crazy. [laughter] I apologize.

Tim:                 How many dogs do you have, Joanie before we dive into the content here?

Joanie:             I have two small dogs that hopefully my husband can wrangle then before they cause too many problems. I apologize.

Tim:                 We’re glad to have your dogs on the podcast right there along with us.

Joanie:             Yeah. It’s —

Adam:             That was a great introduction.

Tim:                 Indeed.

Joanie:             Yeah. It’s a little like an ice pick in my ear but —

Tim:                 Joanie, before we go into the incredible success you’ve had with the Power of 10, please just give us a little rundown on what you do not only onstage but offstage. I think it’s a terrific story.

Joanie:             Thank you so much. And first of all Sheila, thank you for that — your kind words and that awesome introduction and right back at you. So, I, as Sheila mentioned, I am a professional musician. My primary instrument is voice but I am also instrumentalist and during the day I am a music teacher and in fact the band that I play in all three of us are teachers at the same school. So, we can get into that more a little later.

Tim:                 Well, I find that interesting because all of you are teachers yet the name of your band is No Small Children. Is this because you’ve had your fill throughout the day and you need to just kind of get away from the kids and get up on stage and rock out a little bit?

Joanie:             You know, there’s a number of ways to interoperate that. The first being that myself and my two band mates were all female and it first came about as a kind of protest to this expectation that is made of women to somehow that we have to have kids and we have to do this and that a lot of our identity is wrapped up in being a parent and finding a way to celebrate the life of a woman outside of her role as a mother. So, that’s the first part of it. Then the other part is in fact, you know, what we do during the day is all about kids but a lot of our music is not for children so — [laughter]

Adam:             Oh, I can attest to that.

Tim:                 Well, okay, so, in a little preparation for today’s show I did go through and I’m so thankful to have discovered you and your music and your group thanks to Sheila introducing you to the team here. What fun music first of all. It’s very fun and it’s terrific but it’s also quite funny. There were a couple of songs that I really — and just the titles alone. One of them was FU in Any Language. Am I correct with that?

Joanie:             Yeah. Yeah. That’s a song about world peace.

Tim:                 [laughs] Oh, of course it is. [laughs]

Sheila:             I got confused on the chorus track, right?

Joanie:             That’s right. Sheila [crosstalk 04:33] —

Tim:                 Did everybody hear that? Sheila say that again for those that didn’t quite catch that. I was in the FU chorus, had to sing it. [laughter]

[FU in Any Language plays]

Well, there’s our first little sample of some music from our guest, Joanie Pimentel’s group, No Small Children. If you listen closely you can hear Sheila singing backing vocals. Joanie, how did you and Sheila become acquainted?

Joanie:             My sister Lisa and Sheila are friends for many years. And Lisa’s actually in the band with me. She is the lead singer and the guitar player. And she introduced me to Sheila and that’s how I became familiar with InForm Fitness. She said, just come to the open house. Just come to the open house. And I said, okay, but Sheila I have to tell you this. I hate working out. I mean I hate it. I hate it with a burning passion. I really do. She said, trust me. Trust me. Just come and do the open house. I said, alright, okay I’ll go. So, I did and I listened to the information about the workout and she quite honestly talked me into it. She made some really, really compelling points to me about the way that the workout is done. And I really loved that it looked super safe because as a musician, it is very important to me that my arms are not hurt.

Sheila:             Right.

Joanie:             That I can stand up on stage. That I can move heavy gear and if I’m hurt, I can’t do any of those things. And that was literally the first thing that she said to me is that this is very, very safe. So, I said, alright. And then the other thing and this is how she really hooked me was that it only takes a very short amount of time. I said, alright. I’ll give a try. So, I came in and I did my first session and she completely kicked my butt and I remember a couple of times saying to her, Sheila, I hate you. I love you. I hate you. I love you and then other times saying, Sheila, why do you hate me? [laughs] But truthfully it worked very quickly. I honestly, within probably about three weeks I really noticed a difference and at one point I think it, probably, Sheila and you can correct me if I’m wrong, it’s probably about three months in, I honestly felt like I was physically stronger maybe than I have ever been in my life.

Sheila:             Well, yeah. I remember you telling me because you also had the thyroid cancer.

Joanie:             Yeah.

Sheila:             And so part of that is you get very week when you’re taking the medication and when you lose your strength is when you realize, oh my gosh, how important your strength is. By this you started to realize, oh my gosh, this is a great way that I can, you know, find my strength and really get stronger safely and without taking up too much of my valuable time so —

Joanie:             Yes.

Sheila:             I remember because you were doing gigs and having to lift gear and things like that and you were like, it’s so much easier for me now. [laughs]

Joanie:             Mhm [affirmative]. That’s true and actually you brought me back to the original reason that brought me to this process. At the time when I first came to you Sheila I was close to my largest size ever and just to kind of give a little information in the past year I’ve lost 118 pounds.

Tim:                 Holy smokes. Wow. Congratulations. Oh my gosh.

Joanie:             Yeah and — yes. And it was kind of serendipity that Sheila introduced this system to me when she did because as she had mentioned, I had been treated for thyroid cancer. First of all, that really spooked me. I’m very grateful that I’ve been, you know, haven’t had any issues with it since. It is certainly one of the more treatable forms of cancer but anytime you hear that word it is terrifying. And the treatment made me very, very weak and being physically strong is something that has always been an important part of my identity that being able to lift heavy things and move heavy things and maybe even being stronger than the average woman, I guess, I will admit that. That something that has, like I said, was a big part of my identity and when I went through that treatment it really shook me. It really disturbed me because I felt like I wasn’t myself.

So, it kind of set me on a trajectory because I want to live a really long time and when something like that happens to you it has a way of motivating you in a way that other things can’t. So, right and I think that this particular system, why it has worked for me is because it’s easier to execute. It makes sense to me. It’s short. It’s intense. And I can be done with it and for somebody like me it means that I’m going to comply. My mantra for the past year has been, the solution to obesity is really simple, it’s just really hard to execute. And anything that I can incorporate into my life that makes it easier to execute, that’s what I’m going to do. And literally this is the one and only thing any fitness system that I’ve ever tried in my life that A, I can stick with, and B, I have results and C, it makes sense to me.

Tim:                 Really enjoying getting to know Joanie Pimentel on the podcast today. And we’re going to learn more about her weight loss strategy that led her to shedding about 118 pounds. And coming up on the back half of the show Joanie will be talking about pillar number two in the Power of 10, nutrition. You can’t lose the weight you want to lose with exercise alone.

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[KMA plays]

You’re listening to No Small Children featuring our guest Joanie Pimentel here on the InForm Fitness podcast. Joanie, what are you ladies working on now?

Joanie:             So, we have just released our third album and actually one of the tracks from the previous album we recorded a video for. It’s called Might Get Up Slow, but I Get Up. And a segment of our video we actually shot it at InForm Fitness. You can see the logo right behind us. It was an homage to an 80s throwback video kind of, that segment. It was really fun. And Sheila was happy enough — we were happy that Sheila agreed to let us do it there. You’ll see me pumping iron there.

Sheila:             They were on the equipment but they were also did their little dance which was, you know, it was awesome. You have to see the video. And we’ll put a link to that on the podcast page.

Tim:                 So, let’s sample a little bit of that song. That song was called what again Joanie?

Joanie:             I Might Get Up Slow but I Get Up.

[I Might Get Up Slow but I Get Up plays]

This is us at InForm Fitness right here.

Adam:             There it is.

Joanie:             By the way I made those [inaudible 13:07].

Tim:                 Did you? [laughter]

Adam:             Is that a trombone or a tuba?

Joanie:             That is trombone.

Adam:             Trombone. Cool.

Tim:                 Nice and the alarm clock getting her up but getting her up slow for sure.

Joanie:             That’s right.

Tim:                 Very cool. No Small Children. Joanie, that’s fantastic. Wow.

Joanie:             Thank you so much.

Tim:                 And not only was the music terrific but the video was great and like Sheila said, we’re going to put the link to the video in our show notes as well but I love the fact that you’re there at InForm Fitness location Toluca Lake in your — what, your Jane Fonda clothes, it looks like, right? [laughter]

Joanie:             That’s right. Right. Our matching Jane Fonda outfits.

Tim:                 Joanie you look very different now from how you looking in the video. How long ago did you film that?

Joanie:             That was filmed, I want to say about two years ago.

Tim:                 Two years ago. You look like a different person.

Joanie:             It was probably about six months after that, that I really things started to kick into high gear and —

Tim:                 What was it that made you — what was the catalyst that made you say, alright, now, I’m going to go ahead and make this change and change my lifestyle and adopt the Power of 10 into your life? What was the one moment that made you decide I’m going to make a turn?

Joanie:             I wish I could say it was like an ‘aha’ moment where you know the sky’s opened and I just figured it out. But it was actually more gradual than that. I think sometimes when you’re really, really big, when you — the bigger you are the more impossible it seems to reach your goal. It’s like an insurmountable task and there was a time in my life where I felt like I was being asked to move a mountain with a spoon. And what I’ve realized is that it’s more about chipping away at the mountain. The mountain will move. Even if you only chip at it with a spoon. But it will move eventually.

So, I think it started with, A, I had to make the decision that I was going to do something, like I said before, the having being treated for thyroid cancer, that was the first thing. And then it took me a little while to figure out how I was going to go about doing it and when I moved to Los Angeles from Boston — I’m originally from the Boston area.

Tim:                 I couldn’t tell really. No, I’m kidding. [laughter]

Joanie:             You should hear me with a couple drinks in me. [Inaudible 15:34] I sound like you know something you see in the movies but —

Mike:               [Inaudible 15:40] from Brooklyn.

Joanie:             [Inaudible 15:42] you should ask my mother or my father about that. They’ll tell you.

Mike:               Yeah. There you go. There it is.

Tim:                 There it was.

Joanie:             It’s — going to go to Dunkin’ Donuts and get a coffee.

Mike:               Joanie, when did you start — when did you make the decision to do — make nutritional changes? Was it simultaneous with starting Power of 10? Was it shortly before? Was it after the cancer treatment?

Joanie:             It was — that’s a great question and I will say that, you know, I didn’t get to be 278 pounds, yes, that’s how big I was, 278 pounds because I exercised too little. I got to be that size because I ate way too much and too much of the wrong thing. So, the workout actually came first and then the eating was the thing that it kind of came in stages. The changes came in stages and once I got — I really buckled down and changed how I ate, that’s when the weight loss really became rapid. You know, the weight loss for me has been probably 70% about the food and 30% about the exercise. I do — it’s the only weight training that I do and —

Sheila:             Don’t ask her to take a yoga class. [laughs]

Joanie:             Oh, man. You know, cheers to anyone who loves yoga but, man, do I hate it.

Sheila:             She hates it.

Joanie:             Yeah. And it’s not — and everyone I — and of course I’m in LA so everybody wants to sing the praises of yoga and like I said, everybody that I know that’s crazy into it, they’re in great shape but it is just not for me at all.

Mike:               It’s a classic contrarian punk rock attitude. [Inaudible 17:26]. [laughter]

Tim:                 Yes, it is.

Adam:             Why do you hate it?

Joanie:             You know, I think it’s maybe the kind of —

Mike:               Because everybody else in LA is doing it.

Joanie:             No. You know what and I tried it when I lived in the Boston area too. It’s more about I don’t have —

Sheila:             You said to me when we were —

Joanie:             Patience for it. I don’t —

Sheila:             Yeah. When we were talking about it at first when you said I hate exercise and I hate yoga and I hate this and I hate that. I don’t like group classes and don’t ask me how I feel. [laughs]

Joanie:             Right. Exercise to me is something I just need to get it over with. You know, it’s like to me what I’ve learned is that it’s like going to the dentist. Right, I don’t really like going to the dentist but I love having teeth. [laughter] So, exercise is the same way. I don’t particularly enjoy working out but I love being strong. I love not worrying about being hurt. I love that things don’t ache when I wake up in the morning.

Mike:               Joanie, I like that you’re very much like, hey, you know, I don’t like yoga, everybody else could do yoga. It’s like live and let live type of thing. And you know what I’ve learned is that there’s so many different personality types that we train that they’re out there that have the same goals or same, even situations that Joanie has but they just don’t have the same personality type and there’s a different approach to how that goes. I mean, I guess one of the things I would want to know, you know, like I — your exercise stories is the classic one we hear with anybody who gets results. It’s amazing.

Joanie:             Yes.

Mike:               What I — is there anything that you would give as advice to people who are like you or maybe even not like you personality wise for motivation for the nutrition part because that seems to be always something that, you know, we hit and miss with all the time. And often times I think it comes down to the, you know, when someone’s ready to make a certain commitment that it’s usually it’s never an easy thing to do. I think if anybody thinks that there’s an expectation that’s an easy thing to lose five pounds, ten pounds, twenty pounds, a hundred pounds. It’s a challenge always. And my question is, do you have any advice for people out there? Like, what’s the starting point for some real motivation?

Joanie:             Just don’t do nothing. You know, start there and I know for me that it is more dangerous for me to look at eating like every little bad decision I made it’s all is lost. You know, it’s like say, you know, I decide I’m going to change how I eat if I in the past when I had like one little thing that’s not on my diet. I would just throw my hands up and say you know forget it. All is lost. and then I’d just go off the rails and eat whatever I wanted but that in fact is more dangerous to my long-term success than anything that I’m going to put in my mouth. That every moment is a new moment. That, you know, don’t wait for the perfect time to start it. That the perfect moment is the next one whatever it is.

And then I would also recommend maybe starting off small. You know, like I said, when I know for me because I was really big that losing that much weight just seemed like almost impossible like an insurmountable task. So, I have to set small achievable goals for myself. I say okay. So, my goal was not to lose 118 pounds. My first goal was to lose five pounds and then after that to lose another five and then another ten and I might say my first, another goal would be I want to be able to do a certain amount of weight that I’m going to lift or I want to be able to drink a certain amount of water every day or to stay —

Mike:               You’d set like short term targets, right.

Joanie:             Yes.

Mike:               Right. Right.

Joanie:             Make it because smaller achievable goals because those little things really do add up —

Tim:                 And when you started Joanie if you can if you can go back to the beginning of this what were some of the nutritional changes you actually made?

Joanie:             Well, at first — well, let me tell you where I am right now.

Tim:                 Mhm [affirmative].

Joanie:             What I do right now. And then I can break it down more incrementally. So, as of right now I don’t drink soda. I stay away from caffeine. I try to eat only whole foods. You know no prepared or you know, processed food. My diet is primarily made up of vegetables and protein and fruits. I really don’t eat a lot of carbohydrates but I won’t say that I never do. I just don’t eat refined carbohydrates. I drink a minimum of 70-100 fluid ounces of water every day. I don’t eat artificial sugars. And what else — yeah. That’s primarily where I’m at right now.

Tim:                 Wow. It’s like a — it’s a pretty large leap though for somebody who —

Joanie:             It’s a huge leap.

Tim:                 Ate anything they wanted. So, did you just start that way and just cut everything off cold turkey or was it kind of gradual? How did you start?

Joanie:             I would did it incrementally. My largest vice has always been volume. So, I would start of saying okay, I’m going to cut out soda. I’m going to cut out bread. Or I’m going to cut out pasta or I’m going to cut any of those things and I was never really a big junk food junkie but I just ate a lot of everything. So, most of what I eat right now, I mean, I don’t weigh and measure every single thing that I eat. I did for a while but now I can kind of eyeball it and know how much is a cup or things like that. But I started off with small things and then worked my way up.

Tim:                 Well, sounds like a perfect plan. Just get started. Start with the small things and work your way up. Well we’re not done with Joanie. This was part one of our episode, Face Melting and Fat Loss. We talked a lot about the fat loss today but nothing on the face melting. That’s coming up in next week’s episode. The name of the podcast is 20 minutes with Adam Zickerman and friends and we have surpassed the 20-minute mark in the show which means if you began your 20-minute slow motion high intensity workout at the beginning of the show, you’d be done by now and you wouldn’t need to do it again until next week. How about that? Sound too good to be true? Well, just listen to Joanie’s story and that of countless others who have come through the doors of all eight InForm Fitness locations. It just works.

Visit informfitness.com for a location nearest you. If there isn’t one close by, purchase Adam’s book, Power of 10: The Once-a-Week Slow Motion High Intensity Fitness Revolution just like Joanie did. And follow the simple instructions. It worked for her and it will work for you. Click on the link in show notes and it will send you right to Adam’s book in Amazon.

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