Frequently Answered Questions About Inform Fitness

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Is Each Session Only 20-Minutes Long?

Yes, it really is! The exercise itself will take approximately 20-minutes.

Will I Get Results By Training Only 20-Minutes Once Or Twice A Week?

Absolutely. It’s normal to be skeptical, but so were many of our best case studies, and here’s why: many of us still equate more with better. This is a fallacy. To stimulate positive change, workouts need to be brief (no more than twenty minutes) and infrequent (no more than twice per week). 

When training at high intensity (necessary to provide an effective growth stimulus), the body can tolerate only a limited volume and frequency. Training too long or too often can lead to a stagnation of progress, injury, and/or illness.

Should I Refrain From Doing Any Other Type Of Exercise?

You should refrain from doing more high-intensity exercise, otherwise you
risk over-training which can lead to injury and even slow down your results. However, we want you to enjoy whatever recreational pursuits your heart desires. We provide the exercise you need so you can live the life you want.

How Soon Should I Expect To See Results?

Right from your first workout, your body’s biology is being pushed to change for the better. Many clients report the feeling of ‘something’s happening’ within the first two to three weeks of the program. By week six, you should feel stronger, have less overall fatigue, and your aches and pains should be lessened. Within 12 weeks, most people start to see the physical changes in their bodies.

A total body transformation may take more time. In most cases, this requires fat loss, which in turn, requires dietary changes. We’ll help guide you there, too. No amount of exercise or spin classes will make up for lack of a nutrition strategy. 

The combination of whole food, low-glycemic nutrition and high-intensity training at InForm Fitness is the one-two punch you need for a complete body makeover!

What Can I Do To Improve My Results?

Nutrition and rest. Eat real food and nourish the body with essential nutrients. Also, be sure to get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Your body repairs and restores at a cellular level during sleep. Exhaustion affects your immune system and goes into overdrive thus leading to chronic inflammation.

How Does A Consultation Work?

The Inform Fitness consultation is an opportunity for you to sit down with one of our professionally certified Instructors and discuss the workout in greater detail. The Consultation is also our chance to learn more about your goals and experience, give you an opportunity to ask any questions and offer you a taste for the workout. All total, your first visit may take an hour. After that, you will be in and out the door in less than 30 minutes.

Must I Have A Personal Trainer At InForm Fitness?

Yes. Each workout is conducted under the close supervision and guidance of a highly trained Instructor, ensuring that you’re maintaining proper form for your safety. An Instructor too proves unparalleled for maintaining motivation, accountability, and for tracking progress.

At InForm Fitness, you never have to worry about setting up the machines or charting your progress. Our Instructors are responsible for designing the workout, setting up the machines, and motivating you through the tough and final repetitions of each exercise, and all the while keeping your chart updated.

What Can I Expect in Each Workout?

Your Instructor will guide you through five to seven, sometimes eight, different strength-training exercises that will give you an intense full-body workout.

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