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Working out for only 20 minutes per week can put you on a path to feeling healthier than ever. Here's how it works...

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High Efficiency Personal Training

InForm Fitness is a slow motion, high-intensity strength training protocol. High efficiency fitness is designed to achieve your primary fitness goals – get stronger and maintain muscle mass while being extremely safe.

Why is muscle mass important? Because strong, healthy muscles require support from the major systems in your body – cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, circulatory, gastrointestinal, mental and emotional – stimulating them to optimal performance as you gain strength and retain muscle.

As we age, it is the loss of muscle that leads to our chronic pain and deteriorating health. That is why our focus is on building and maintaining muscle. Strong muscle supercharges your metabolism, increases cardiovascular endurance, makes you leaner and stronger and reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

"It's 20 minutes more than what I would usually do!"

— Barbara Walters

The Inform Fitness workout is made up of three parts:

It’s the little things that make the big difference

InForm Fitness: Fitness
Step 1 — Time Under Tension Exercise.

By significantly reducing the speed of each repetition — a cycle of 10-seconds up and 10-seconds down, with no rest in between — your muscles are forced to work harder, because you are unable to rely on momentum to propel the movement. And because your motion is deliberate, under control and less abrupt, the risk of injury is reduced.  Our certified Instructors will supervise you through a full-body workout consisting of approximately five to seven exercises.

InForm Fitness: Power of 10 Workout - Nutrition
Step 2 — Simplified Nutrition.

Food is your fuel – eat real food and nourish the body with essential nutrients. Whether you are in the Paleo, Modified Mediterranean, South Beach, Vegan or Ketogenic camp, what matters is that you stay away from processed foods and limit foods with added sugar and processed carbohydrates.

InForm Fitness: Power of 10 Workout - Rest
Step 3 — Rest & Recovery.

After your workout, we advise a resting period of at least four to seven days. During this recovery time, your body will build thicker and stronger muscle fibers. The recommended resting period allows your body sufficient time to recover while still burning fat. Also, your already busy schedule is gifted with more free time to live your life to the fullest and participate in the activities that bring you pleasure and joy. A workout program that encourages you to rest? It’s about time.  Sign me up! 

How Long Until I See Results?

In two weeks, you should start noticing real changes.
Within six weeks of starting the program, you should feel and see major results.

Adam Zickerman, founder of Inform Fitness providing personal training in New York.

Is Training Once Per Week Really Enough?

The Inform Fitness Power Of 10 workout is optimized to combine exercise and proper recovery so you can receive the full benefits from just one session per week. That said, some clients choose to workout twice per week, but the workouts are shorter — only 3-4 exercises and slightly less intense. What’s paramount is understanding that the rest between workouts is critical for muscle development.

What ultimately happens is that once you begin to notice the positive effects of the Inform Fitness approach, you’ll be stimulated to go further your fitness journey.

"I do only six exercises, one session per week, and I'm in the best shape of my life. I'd never believe it if it hadn't happened to me."

— John LeBoutillier, former US congressman

Why Do We Use Machines?

Inform Fitness Modified Weight Training Machines With Custom Cams

Why does Inform Fitness use machines instead of free weights? The number one reason is safety. If you train with free weights until true failure, you won’t be able to guarantee you can control the weight at the end of each set. That means you can drop the weights on yourself (or others) or seriously pull a muscle trying to control the mass. Machines eliminate this danger completely.

Second, Adam Zickerman has modified each one of his machines with custom cams to even the force required to move the weights slowly through the up/down rotation. The resistance is easier at the beginning and end of the stroke, and harder in the middle, but the resistance feels consistent on the muscles being taxed throughout the entire movement since it follows the body’s natural strength curve.

The result of this meticulous attention to the body’s movement is that the point of failure occurs when the body it truly fatigued instead of being dictated by the machine’s mechanics.

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"You just can't believe it until you do it!"
—Steve Werner, NYC Police Officer (Rtd)
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