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"I found out about Inform Fitness completely by accident and, shortly after that, my wife and I both joined. I have been lifting weights most of my adult life and I have been fortunate to train with experts. The Inform Fitness slow motion workout is perfect for busy people because the training is intense enough that most people will see great progress with only one short session per week. The machines are super high end, the trainers are very knowledgeable and the entire workout takes about 30 minutes or less. Believe me you will leave knowing that you did some serious work! This is not a body building workout… It is strength training at its best. The result will be healthy, dense muscles. The studio is intimate, super clean and the staff will become your best friends! This is some of the best one on one training I’ve even seen."

"OK, I was a skeptic. I listened to the explanation of why you only need a brief session once a week and thought “yeah, sure”. But, I’d scored a Groupon and knew I’d finish the 6 sessions I bought and then move on to the next new thing. So I thought it was all in my head when it seemed like my muscles were firmer after the first session. Maybe it was. But it’s not in my head that I’ve dropped TWO jeans sizes in 6 weeks!!! I am sold! The place is so clean and comfortable. Sheila is incredibly warm and welcoming, and there is no pressure at all to buy. Jon pushes me to achieve so much more than I thought was possible. In fact, today – at my 6th session – I joined the 200 lb. leg press club! He does this with an evil little giggle. I love the fact that he gets me laughing when I’m close to tears. You know the weird thing? Even weirder than the fact that this is working? In spite of all the pain – and yes, it is painful – I can’ wait to get back in there and see what I can do the next time! This is the best!"

"I’ve been working out with Jon for a couple months now, and the results are spectacular. I figured I would try it out, learn a couple things and then continue working out on my own, but after a few sessions I was hooked. I feel stronger and more confident than ever before. I constantly get compliments about how much my physique has improved. Jon pushes me farther than I ever thought possible and keeps me laughing throughout my workout. I look forward to my time at Inform; I can’t get enough!"

"I have been working with Kristen at InForm Fitness for about a year, and I can very sincerely say that the experience has had a profoundly positive impact on my life, both physically and mentally. I feel strong, healthy, and with Kristen’s guidance, have pushed myself father than I ever thought I could. I now look forward to and cannot wait until my next time at the gym! Kristen, goes above and beyond. She has helped me transform my diet and is always providing advice and articles so that I can continue to better myself in and out of the gym. As the other reviews have mentioned, this workout is high intensity, and ideal for making consistent gains & balancing a busy schedule. The trainers are down to earth, no nonsense. They don’t try to up sell you on product or time at the gym. Many of my friends have a hard time believing I train once a week…but the results are self-evident."

"I hate exercise, but this is 20 minutes, I do 6 machines, I can come in from work, I don’t have to change my clothes, I can go right back to work and that is to me, what the greatest thing about it is."

"You can’t go wrong with any of the trainers at InForm Fitness. They create an environment that is inviting and comfortable – unlike many gyms in NYC. But don’t get me wrong – they work you HARD. Dan is my trainer, and he has the ability to push me far beyond what I would do on my own. Dan is extremely communicative about my progress week to week. And I make progress and get stronger every week – it’s amazing! Dan is even involved in my diet plan – he is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. You may be skeptical as many people are when they hear they only need to work out once a week, but give it a try – you’ll be happy you did."

"Dan at InForm Fitness is the best! He motivates me even on those days when working out seems like the last thing I want to do. I always feel great after a workout with Dan and it is because of him that I was able to complete the NYC Marathon strong and prevented any injuries. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends and clients and feel confident that they would have one of the best workouts of their lives."

"I could not be happier with this training. The program pushes you to work hard and without an immense time commitment. With the insanity of a busy work schedule, this offers both convenience and results. My trainer is not only incredibly knowledgable of the body and this particular process, he is also supportive and encouraging throughout the program. I would highly recommend InForm Fitness to anyone looking for an amazing and results-oriented, approachable fitness program."

"In 3 short months, I have seen by body transform in ways I never thought possible. This unique 20 minute exercise program has made me stronger, leaner and more confident then any workout I have done in the past. I feel amazing! Melo is a pleasure and I enjoy working with her! A great workout that everyone needs to try, you won’t be disappointed."

"I love this workout. And I hate to work out. 25 minutes, once a week with Melo, and I have seen incredible results! After just a few weeks, I noticed changes in my body and muscle tone. Now, after a year, I am so much stronger and more fit. It has been an easy routine to stick to – no excuses! Melo is knowledgable and fun and definitely seems invested in her clients’ success."

"Yes, it’s true. 20 minutes once per week and I’m getting the same results as I was working out an hour per day 5 days/week. It’s all about the intensity and making your workout count. Amazing that it works – and it does. Try it!!"

"It is killer…but my body has taken shape like never before. I used to work out daily one to two hours and I have never achieved the results like I’ve achieved with Melo. At first I was skeptical but now I am a firm believer that 20 minutes a week can give me the muscle workout I need."

"InForm Fitness has changed my life. It seemed too good to be true. I made a deal with myself, I could at the very least, find 20 minutes once a week to workout and not having time was no longer an excuse. In the hands of my trainer I’ve been able to progress consistently and I’ve lost about 20 lbs and counting. I am so incredibly pleased with my results so far. I never thought I’d be able to lose weight and get fit."

"I’ve been a sporadic gym-nut for nearly 30 years and walked into InForm Fitness a skeptic. Ms. Gustavson has been supportive, encouraging, and motivating as she has introduced new ways of exercise which have maximized the results. My performance and lifestyle have changed significantly since becoming a client 4 months ago. Great attention and focus on safety, and the goals remain constant: reach a goal? Set the bar higher. This is a fitness solution everyone should explore."

"I have been working out with Nicole for over a month. I love it. I was very skeptical at first, being a former personal trainer who believed you needed to spend lots of time in the gym. However, now I am a true believer in the Power of 10! I highly recommend Inform Fitness Leesburg. Nicole is a great trainer and knows her stuff!"

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