"It all started because I knew there had to be a better way."

Conventional fitness ‘wisdom’ promoting five-day-a-week exercise routines left me injured and worn out — as well as my clients.

Sure, they were exercising a lot…but also felt exhausted and had trouble breaking through stubborn body fat plateaus. Sound familiar?

There’s nothing worse than showing up to the gym day after day and not seeing progress.

So, what do you do?

You exercise more….and start to eat less —sending you into a metabolic tailspin where your body is less efficient and stores even more fat!

Or just give up…

I started to develop a new fitness framework backed by science. But I knew gyms and trainers would never implement.

(Hint: when they sell you that “more” is better…it helps their bottom line.)

After years immersed in science and recruiting friends and family to test my protocol —the High Efficiency Fitness methodology was born.

I opened InForm Fitness in 1997— a 300 square-foot basement space with five pieces of used equipment.

In November that year, this ‘radical’ workout was featured on the front page science section of the New York Times.

InForm’s ecstatic, and quickly growing, client base fueled more publicity and a book deal with HarperCollins. In 2003, with my friend Bill Schley, I co-wrote Power of 10: The Once a Week Fitness Revolution. It became a NYT bestseller and I was thrust into the limelight appearing regularly on the local and national media scene.

CBS News
The New York Times
The Dr. OZ Show
Today Show

Today, we’re blessed to work with thousands of clients like you who defied conventional fitness wisdom.

And are now leaner, fitter and stronger...with plenty of time to do what they love.


“InForm Fitness is awesome. They have a great environment and
encouraging staff!”

– Dawne T.


“It makes me feel (and look!) great and with minimal time commitment. The best workout!”

– Meredith B.


“InForm Fitness has been a great experience for me and I intend to continue indefinitely!”

-Neil T.


“I’ve been going to InForm for 3 years now. Give it a go and I promise, if you stick with it, you’ll love it as much as I do.”

– DJ C.

InForm’s HQ is still housed in Midtown NYC, has expanded to 4,000 square feet and serves over 300 clients weekly.
InForm Fitness: Locations

InForm has opened additional locations in New York, California, and Virginia.

InForm Fitness: Virtual Fitness

And now offers virtual training to serve clients nationwide.

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