Rest, Nutrition, and Exercise – The Three Pillars of The Power of 10

InForm Fitness: Rest, Nutrition, and Exercise – The Three Pillars of The Power of 10


I have focused my attention and efforts on blogging for three months now, because I am passionate about helping others discover the benefits of healthy living.  By healthy living I mean getting adequate rest, eating well, and regularly performing safe and efficient exercise.

Until now, my soapbox audience has been limited to either those who purchased my book The Power of 10: The Once-a-Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution  or have trained with me. My blog is not only an opportunity to share what I’ve learned and highlight pertinent scientific research, but also a forum meant to encourage meaningful conversation on these topics with a much broader audience.  Your comments are more than welcomed.  What you have to say is critical to the relevance of the blog.

Young or old, healthy or battling disease, in good shape or injured, even pregnant – what we stand for at InForm Fitness is applicable to your life.

Since December 10, 2012, when I started my new blog series with Breaking Down Barriers and Crossing Borders, I’ve covered a lot of ground and have plans to cover even more. We’ve entered into a new era here at InForm Fitness.  I want you to see how far we’ve come and where we are going.

Staying true to my Three Pillars, the blog posts have addressed my beliefs, insights, and supporting studies on the values of Rest, Nutrition, and Exercise.


In 7 Tips To Sleep Your Way To Weight Loss, I not only cover the reasons that rest plays a vital role in your overall health, but I offer some tips on getting a good night’s sleep.


While I don’t play the role of a nutritionist, on TV or otherwise, I am well versed and share my experience and insights on food and nutrition to anyone who will listen.

Ranging from my curiosity about The Unrefrigerated Egg and whether ‘organic’ really matters when buying eggs, to my personal petition that we all get over the those little holes in the lettuce leaf when Sharing in Mother Nature’s Bounty, I have tried to impart my thoughts and stimulate yours.

Commodity Futures for Coconuts – A Shrewd Investment?, a guest post from Nicole Gustavson of InForm Fitness, Leesburg, VA, discusses the health benefits of coconut oil (almost too many to list covering Weight loss, Digestion, Immunity, and Infections) and voices my thinking that not all saturated fats are evil.

Then we took a hard look at sugars in Sugars – The Glucose, The Fructose, and The Sucrose of it all, uncovering the truth about fructose, how it actually makes you hungrier and triggers your body to store more fat than glucose.


I took a pot shot at The Insanity Workout in You Must Be Insane, because this is my area of proven expertise. [Insert villainous laugh]

I believe that workout, which claims to burn an astonishing 1000 calories per hour, to be yet another empty promise to deliver miraculous results. This 60-day workout uses jargon like “max-interval training” to describe the dangerous practice of “long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with short periods of rest.”  As I see it, no matter how the workout is packaged and marketed, it’s just another gimmick.

I even affectionately challenged A.J. Jacobs in My Drop Dead Healthy Cameo and How A.J. Jacobs Got it Wrong! My opinion is that, while Jacobs’s observation that HIIT has more supporting empirical evidence may be true, his conclusion that HIIT has more merit than resistance exercise, such as in the Power of 10, is misguided. And this is not aimed at Jacobs alone – millions of people misinterpret this.

Okay, and even though I own and operate InForm Fitness studios promoting solely the Power-of-10 workout, I explore The Exercise to Lose Weight Conundrum. Put simply, insulin can increase the fat our bodies store and decrease the fat we burn, regardless of our activity levels. Eliminating grains and sugar from our diets is more critical than increasing activity to lose fat, because those foods raise our blood sugar and consequently our insulin levels.

But my centerpiece piece is Effects of Aging Suck – But You Can Change That. A must, must read in my humble opinion. Sharing my beliefs and scientific studies, the blog supports the theory that high-intensity exercise affects our mitochondria at its core and can slow down, and potentially reverse, the effects of aging.

So what’s in the works?

I’m so glad that you asked. I happen to be working on several blog postings designed to challenge, inform, and inspire you to a healthier way of living.

I plan to share with you more topics on the Three Pillars of Rest, Nutrition, and Exercise, and share some of our clients’ personal stories, as we did with David in The ‘Lose Fat and Get Strong’ Challenge.

And, like David, you too can lose substantial fat without steady-state exercise, also known as cardio. Dramatic fat loss can occur by simply adhering to the InForm Fitness Power-of-10 workout and avoiding grains and processed carbohydrates. Would you like to take our Lose Fat and Get Strong Challenge?

Above all, I want to hear from you, my audience, so that we can share in this passion for healthy living together. What topics would you like to hear more about? What experiences would you like to share? Do you have any questions?


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