The ‘Lose Fat and Get Strong’ Challenge


The Challenge: Exercise once or no more than twice a week using the Power-of-10 workout program, and follow the InForm Fitness recommended nutritional plan.

The Goal: Lose 40 pounds.

The Purse: A stronger, healthier, and slimmer physique, enhanced energy and stamina, and 12 free Power-of-10 workout sessions at the Inform Fitness NYC Headquarters.

The InForm Fitness ‘Lose Weight and Get Strong’ Challenge has another victor! And another victor means another undeniable demonstration of our core beliefs: You can lose substantial fat without steady-state exercise, also known as ‘cardio’. Dramatic fat loss can occur by simply adhering to the InForm Fitness Power-of-10 workout and avoiding grains and processed carbohydrates.

Meet the challenger, David Restrepo, a successful, 36-year-young integrated pharmacist who owns two successful NYC pharmacies, VitaHealth.

A strong silent type, with an impressive work ethic, David accepted my challenge and succeeded over a year ago. Today, the real report is that David has kept the weight off, still works out, and eats as recommended.

Here’s David’s amazing “before and after” story, with his permission of course.

David lost 40 pounds, dropping to a sleek 193 lbs from 233 lbs. He also built substantial muscle mass while performing the Power-of-10 workout at Inform Fitness only twice a week and following a few, incredibly simple, dietary suggestions.

Well… if David was to be entirely honest, and we will out him here, he really only followed our recommended diet during the work-week, and ate whatever he pleased on weekends (apparently there are too many restaurants and too little time).

Notwithstanding, David reached his weight loss goal in 8 months!

The key, you’ll be happy to hear, is to never be hungry because once we deprive ourselves of food, failure is triggered! We encouraged David to eat as much protein and fat from humanely raised animals, fruit, and non-starchy vegetables as he wanted, so that he never reached a state of feeling hungry. Imagine – dieting without measuring cups or portion control.

David confesses that he missed his grains and processed carbohydrates, but made up for it on weekends – so he never ‘went without’ satisfying his cravings for too long. David’s success – aside from listening to me – was that he had the discipline to indulge on weekends and get back to a diet during the week of no grains or complex carbohydrates. These weekend indulgences and several family vacations away from his regular exercise workouts no doubt slowed down his weight loss efforts, but as you can see from the results, they didn’t deter him from reaching his goal.

Also, while David worked out only two times a week – mostly for the added benefit of stress release – once a week would have proved sufficient. To accommodate David’s desire for an added weekly workout session, we modified his program to avoid over-training.

David’s story is not scientific proof, but neither is it magic. David worked hard, efficiently, safely and effectively, and his experience should open you to the possibilities of our rather unconventional approach to exercise and nutrition.

Results will vary, yes, but they will be terrific nonetheless.

How curious are you? Consider the very same ‘Lose Weight and Get Strong’ Challenge officially extended to you. If you’re up for it, and willing to let us show the before and after pictures, let’s talk today!


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