InForm Fitness Personal Training Testimonial

Sunday, February 1, 2015 | Adam Zickerman



InForm Fitness is a unique gym in Midtown East Manhattan offering personal training in the Power of 10 Workout – a once-a-week, slow motion, strength training system that is so deep and effective it offers an entire week’s worth of total body exercise in a single 20 minute session. Here Denise Cumming, owner of Pip’s Place, the Gluten Free Cakery, offers her testimonial of what the Power of 10 system has done for her “I lift 50lb bags of flour daily so I needed to have a strong back and upper body strength and I have very little time.” Finding that doing squats, pushups and crunches 3 times a week was not helping her truly stay in shape and also difficult to sustain due to limited time Denise came to InForm on the recommendation of a friend. “I would say it was about 3-4 weeks before the definition started to come back and the lower back pain stopped… I felt strong again.”

Barbara Walters hates exercise but loves the InForm Workout
I am committed to this workout regimen for the rest of my life. When you learn about the reasoning behind this workout regimen, you will realize how much sense it makes. It’s so easy to get pumped up for a 20-25 minute workout and to use maximum effort. I used to blow off the gym all the time as I didn’t look forward to a 90 minute workout 3-4 days a week. It’s the best workout anyone could possibly imagine. After most workouts, I literally struggle to walk down the stairs, or raise my arms, I am so physically exhausted. I am in the best shape I’ve been since graduating college.