The Happiness Project

InForm Fitness: The Happiness Project

We really enjoyed this book and wanted to share it with you. True, Gretchen Rubin, talks about us in her NY Times Bestselling Book, The Happiness Project, which we might add is now in paperback.

She makes a resolution to “Exercise Better” and reveals the importance of exercise as one of the stepping stones toward a happier life. Certainly that is no surprise to any of us here at Inform Fitness or to any of our clients, but she talks about how she has tried strength training and weight training in the past and was never able to stick with it. Then she discovered Inform Fitness and explains how the Power of 10 slow motion method changed her life.

We are thrilled to have another happy client and well, as you can imagine, ecstatic about her sharing it with the world in her book. If you would like more information about The Happiness Project or to buy Gretchen’s book, please visit their website.

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