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67: Thermography

Tammy Kohlschmidt

67: Thermography Adam Zickerman welcomes Tammy Kohlschmidt, who explains how the use of Thermography detects early inflammation throughout the body, foreseeing health problems years before symptoms may manifest.   Simply put, Thermography measures the temperature of a particular area of the body using a high-resolution, infrared camera, and is able to pinpoint “hot spots” without… Read more »

66: Exercise and Immunity

InForm Fitness Podcast

66: Exercise and Immunity Since the early 1900’s, scientists have been debating the question, “Does exercise increase or decrease our risk of catching passing infections, and the question has never been more salient than now, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.   For some, self-isolation has ended their usual exercise habits; for others, a sudden excess… Read more »

65 – Silver Linings and Virtual Training

65: Silver Linings and Virtual Training Returning from a short hiatus, Mike and Adam dive right into some of the challenges, lessons learned, and surprises they’ve encountered when the world changed overnight and were thrust into the world of virtual personal training.   During the first third of this episode they talk about the 180… Read more »