Strength Training for Rider Fitness

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Strength Training for Rider Fitness

Hi, I’m Laura Crump Anderson. And I’m an Equestrian Fitness Specialist with InForm Fitness. My name’s Cameron Rouse and I’m an Equestrian Fitness Specialist here at InForm Fitness.

We started a strength training program targeted toward an equestrian because both Cam and I are equestrians. We have been through the physical demands that are required of a rider and realized very quickly that what we’re doing. We expect our horses to be athletes and we don’t put the same pressure on ourselves. This is most important for the equestrian rider because you know that strength training in general across the board, everyone needs the strength training, but we want to help our riders get strong so that they’re able to compete to their athletic potential.

During a session a client will come in to the studio and they will get on different equipment. They will work to a point of muscle failure. Our goal is to fatigue the muscle so deeply that it needs the time for rest and recovery, so that you are stronger the next time you sit on your horse.  That’s why this protocol is only 20 minutes once or twice a week for the rider. We have such demanding schedules. We have to be in and out of the barn most days of the week. We’re doing a lot of different things with our body physically, but we don’t have the time to be engaging in an hour of exercise most days of the week. Strengthening your body, so that you can perform better in the saddle is just as important for the person who’s out competing at the 4 Star Level Events, at the Show Jumping Grand Prix, or Dressage Riders. It’s just as important for them as it is for the person who’s going out for a hack on Saturdays.

We have developed a equestrian membership to allow for the flexibility needed of the equestrian schedule. We have developed packages varying in sizes, so that you can come in and do a program consistently. We book about 30 minutes and then 20 minutes about is going to be in the studio working on the machines. We highly fatigue each muscle group, so it’s a very intense 20 minutes. Once you get through it, you feel powerful and stronger. We know that our clients are improving because we take iPads to each machine and we keep track of your time under load. Typically in every session we’re going to include the leg press that’s going to be working all the muscles of your lower body including your trunk. Another great one that I love is the lat pulldown which really works on your upper body posture. In addition, we also focus on the spine and core, so we have a back extension machine that is really super helpful in eliminating an individual’s chronic pain that they feel.  We also have an abdominal machine which is absolutely key for building a strong center.

At InForm Fitness, we find it really important to have measurable results. One way we do that is through quarterly test.  We show the client’s increase in weight over time, but another big piece that is equally important is using are Body Machine. This is an excellent machine because it can show your percent body fat as well as your fat mass and skeletal muscle mass. This is a huge piece of the puzzle because we can show you exactly where your starting to after you’ve been doing this program for six weeks, three months, and six months the results that you’re getting in a quantifiable way.


“I definitely would recommend it. I have recommended it to a bunch of my friends from backyard Riders and up to my upper level riders, just because it’s so all-encompassing.  It makes you stronger as a rider, but also in your other fitness goals too. it’s short and you can fit into your crazy schedule.

Definitely I would say come on in bring your skepticism bring your skepticism and your questions and we will do our best to help you have a better understanding of what we do here at InForm because it really is crucial, especially to the horseback rider people can tell within the first two or three sessions that WOW, this really does work for me!


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