Introducing The New Power of 10 Spine & Core Workout


Many of you have asked for a little something extra, so we have come up with a program that fits the  bill. At InForm Fitness, we strive to serve your needs, while honoring our ‘once‐a‐week is all you need’  workout. We want to focus on strengthening the spine and core without sacrificing the compound  movements you are familiar with, or risking over‐training and injury. Our solution is

  • a comprehensive spine and core routine
  • that can be done the same week as your regular workout
  • or every other week.

Spine and core movements are not as metabolically demanding as compound movements.  If the routine is done on its own, a second workout would not lead to over‐training. The second workout  remains in harmony with our core values of: safetytime efficiency, and simplicity.

Our standard intense, once‐a‐week workout is comprised of six or seven compound movement exercises, which target multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This routine works your entire body efficiently. In twenty minutes, your workout is complete – ‘see ya next week!” Working those large muscle groups to muscular failure is all your body needs to trigger the metabolic response to grow lean muscle.

We tried integrating specialized spine and core exercises into the standard weekly workout but found that most of our clients were too fatigued to execute the exercises in good form after completing the  fundamental full‐body routine of compound movement exercises.

We are confident you will share our excitement for this new program, designed to give you the edge you have been looking for. Talk to your Strength Training Instructor about incorporating the spine and core  workout into your weekly schedule. The InForm Fitness Team, at your Service.


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