InForm Fitness: Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


Pioneer a sea change in the mindset of popular exercise culture to where the primary objective of exercise is to build and maintain muscular strength.


Maximize our clients’ strength, without compromising their health or risking injury. The InForm Fitness team will provide a no-nonsense, sustainable regimen of strength training enabling our clients to overcome barriers to health and fitness, and fulfill their physical potential throughout their lifetime.

Core Values

Be an asset to the communities we serve, a valuable resource to our clients, and a place where our dedicated strength training instructors can refine their skills and continue to serve our vision.

Our Foundational Principles Include:

  • Do no harm
  • Display unwavering commitment to our Clients’ progress
  • Respect the value of time
  • Honor the genius of simplicity
  • Be attentive to execution above all else
  • Use information to motivate
  • Celebrate the successes and achievements of Clients and Instructors
  • Show passion, enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do
  • Embrace innovation from every Instructor and capitalize on change
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards with uncompromised integrity
  • Value teamwork – we are one company and succeed as one enterprise
  • Assume accountability for individual and team responsibilities, and commitments
  • Pursue operational excellence and efficiency.