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Lumbar Extension Machine

The specially designed Lumbar Extension Machine at InForm Fitness in NYC.

Lumbar Extension Machine

We are proud to deliver personal attention and extreme care for back and spine pain and ailments. This rare device researched and developed by University of Florida School of Medicine includes the very latest advancements in spinal rehabilitation and strengthening.

Since the larger, stronger muscles of the thighs and hips will steal away the exercise from the smaller, deeper muscles of the low back, a patented, pelvic restraint mechanism (inset) is required to cancel participation of the larger muscles in the exercise.  This will isolate the target low back muscles that move and support the spine.

The ability to provide resistance that varies automatically, to keep the movement range safe and pain-free are difficult to achieve but are essential for the low back.  Advanced variable lever cam and range-limit stops will only permit the machine to travel in your perfect range and no more, an important distinction of our Lumbar Extension equipment… Even with cases for which any movement presents pain, static isometric exercise is still possible on this machine- without causing pain or discomfort.  This feature is not available on any other lower back exercise machine anywhere.

Muscles of the Lower Back

The muscles of the lower back.Key muscles in the lower back or lumbar region include the Extensor, Flexor and Oblique muscles. These muscles allow us to bend, lift and twist in many directions, but one of their most important functions is to support the weight of the upper body. It is common for these muscles to weaken over time, especially with age, from lack of use due to extended sitting (ex. in an office chair, car while driving, plane while traveling, etc).. It is also common for these important muscles to be overlooked in many fitness programs. When weak these muscles become more prone to strain or injury

Benefits of Low Back Strengthening

  • Improved posture
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Greater ease in everyday tasks involving bending, lifting, reaching, carrying and more
  • Reduce or remove lower back pain