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Leg Press

The specially designed leg press machine at InForm Fitness in Manhattan, NY.

Leg Press

Many trainers and physical educators consider Leg Press type exercise to be the “King of all Exercises” for several very good reasons. Since the exercises involve the very largest muscle groups of the body, leg presses wield the greatest overall benefits to the body. Certain cautions need to be followed for this very valuable exercise to be safe for all people.

Our biomechanical improvement

The Inform Fitness Leg Press uses a 4-Bar Linkage mechanism as part of a dramatic system that varies the angle of the footplate (where the feet are placed) during the exercise.  The positioning of the foot directs the resistive forces in a laser line upwards through the lower leg bones, minimizing ACL and patella stress. Together with our multi-adjustable seat, lumbar support, and adjustable head/neck positioning, our leg press equipment can comfortably accommodate a person of any size or dimensions and those suffering low-back, neck or even knee ailments.

With more than five hundred levels of resistance and a low starting poundage near zero, all strength levels can be accommodated by this machine with confidence of safety and rapid improvement in bodily strength.