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Lateral Raise (Shoulders)

Lateral Shoulder Raise machine at InForm Fitness gym in NYC

Lateral Raise

The Inform Fitness Lateral Raise concentrates on the muscles of the shoulders, neck, and upper chest, muscles that are susceptible to muscle loss from underuse, aging, or long term ailment.

We engineered an advanced Nautilus Lateral Raise machine with such improvements as fusing the left and right movement arms making the exercise safer and quicker to master. We have achieved this by use of the figure 8 fusion shown.

Another Inform Fitness innovation is advanced cam design.  Nautilus pioneered the use of the variable resistance cam to adjust the resistance in accordance to human strength curves.  We have employed updated science, new technology, measuring devices, materials, and manufacturing methods in our current cam design for the lateral raise. Weight increases can be made in as little as 3/4 of a pound per arm to assure building strength for anyone at any strength level.