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Knee Flexion (Hamstrings)

Leg Curl machine at InForm Fitness in NYC.

Leg Curl

Strengthening the hamstring muscles is not only essential to prevent injury but also to stabilize and support the spine from the rear. The seated leg curl position makes it easier to perform the exercise comfortably and efficiently.  The upright seated position makes it easier to breathe during intense training. There is a flaw with this type of machine that is not so easily solved.  As the knee bends, the focus of rotation changes causing a “funny” feeling. That feeling, which is actually not funny at all, reflects the shear force to the knee cap. The feeling is rarely dangerous, but it does rob you of exercise effect by reducing your range-of-motion and causing early shutdown of the muscles before they are fully exercised. The Inform Fitness Knee Flexion machine has solved this problem with a “floating seat” mechanism (inset). As you bend your leg, the instant axis of rotation shifts up the leg, pulling you slightly forward, therefore, our knee flexion equipment “finds” your of rotation and makes the correction-instantly.  This not only allows the fullest possible range of motion but feels more natural.

As with all of our equipment, the heavy steel and aluminum are made to conform to-and compliment your body.  No matter your size or strength. Inform Fitness machines work harmoniously with your anatomy for the best, most efficient workout possible.