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10 Degree Chest Machine

Chest Fly machine at InForm Fitness in NYC

Chest Fly

Specific concentration on the upper chest muscles is often overlooked in many exercise programs but not at Inform Fitness. The importance of lifting the frontal chest by developing the neglected area near the collar bone creates a healthy, youthful looking physique. Inform Fitness has a long history of working this neglected area of the body. We have fully replaced the moving parts of the equipment with new-technology upgrades.  A range limiter keeps the vulnerable shoulders safe under even the most aggressive exercise.

A totally redesigned action (inset) fuses the movement of the work arms, delivering a smoother, easier to master exercise. The fused movement arms optimize the effectiveness of the Inform Fitness custom re-profiled cam that works upper-chest muscles by coordinating the exact load- required during the lifting and lowering phases of the exercise.