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InForm Fitness Podcast with Robert Francis

70 Bad Education

Bad Education The idea to include physical education as part of a child’s core curriculum is as uniquely American as Edison’s light bulb and the

Shayla McGrady InForm Fitness Podcast

68: Visuals

68: Visuals Adam welcomes Shayla McGrady, GM and personal trainer, at InForm Fitness. Shayla has been training people virtually long before the Covid-19 pandemic made

Tammy Kohlschmidt

67: Thermography

67: Thermography Adam Zickerman welcomes Tammy Kohlschmidt, who explains how the use of Thermography detects early inflammation throughout the body, foreseeing health problems years before

InForm Fitness Podcast

66: Exercise and Immunity

66: Exercise and Immunity Since the early 1900’s, scientists have been debating the question, “Does exercise increase or decrease our risk of catching passing infections,

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