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The Book – Power of Ten

This book’s not just smart, it’s refreshingly funny! Power of 10 makes me stronger.
Adam’s program works.   –Leslie Stahl

Power-of-10-BookThe following is an excerpt from Adam’s book, The Power of 10:

Here is the secret I found. Over the years, I realized that everyone possesses one key asset like I do, and I suspect you do too, unless you are hooked up to a heart-lung machine: everyone has 20 minutes to make themselves healthy, once a week, two-thirds of an I Love Lucy rerun.

And I’ll say without exaggeration – of the many breakthroughs associated with Power of 10’s advanced form of exercise that you’ll find in this book, this aspect turns out to be the most important breakthrough of all: POWER OF 10 IS SO FAST, CONVENIENT, SATISFYING AND SAFE, YOU SIMPLY WON’T WANT TO QUIT. IT’S QUIT-PROOF.

As any Power of 10 user will tell you – this fact alone makes Power of 10 the revolution that it is. Because no fitness program, no matter how great, can possibly work if you DON’T DO IT. I know how many exercise programs I’ve quit in my life after 3 weeks. What about you? Just imagine where you’ll be 3, 6, 12 months and years from now when you’ve got a world-class fitness program that you actually stick with? That you actually look forward to after 5-7 days off? You’ll be in buff-land, that’s where you’ll be. And you’ll never want to go back.

THE 1-2-3 OF POWER OF 10

Power of 10 is made up of three parts I call “The Three Pillars,” which together make it a program for total body health and fitness. Each pillar is critical enough to have its own section in this book. The 3 Pillars are:

1. Exercise – Using specialized equipment our certified Instructors will provide you with a full-body workout by doing only five to seven exercises. Our focus is on building and maintaining muscle. This will help to supercharge your metabolism and to increase cardiovascular endurance, which will make you leaner and stronger. In turn this will also help to reduce health problems such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and chronic pain.

2. Nutrition – Food is your fuel – eat real food and nourish the body with essential nutrients. Whether you are in the Paleo, Modified Mediterranean, South Beach, Vegan or Ketogenic camp, what matters is that you stay away from processed foods and limit foods with added sugar and processed carbohydrates.

3. Rest & Recovery– trying to build a healthy body using quality exercise and nutrition, without quality rest and recovery, is like building a house without a foundation. Believe it or not, it’s during rest that all the positive changes happen. By its very nature and design, Power of 10, more than any other regimen, “positions” your body to get the rest and recovery it needs.

For those of you using the Power of Ten workout on your own, you can download the InForm Fitness Chart referenced in the book – we think it will help you stay on track to reach your goals.