Youth Program

In today’s fast-paced world, adults and our younger generations alike manage demanding schedules. True, most InForm clients fall into the age 40-70 demographic, InForm Fitness also welcomes young people and the aspiring athlete to work towards being as healthy, strong, resistant to injury as they can be, and most capable of their top performance. Really, any young person physically large enough to fit into the machines and mature enough to follow instruction is a perfect and welcomed candidate.

Young athletes need to strengthen muscles throughout the body in order to improve performance through increased strength, speed, power, flexibility, cardiovascular efficiency and reduced risk of injury. The safest and most effective way to strengthen muscles, tendons, and bones is through non- sport specific weight training movements in a slow and controlled manner, with trained supervision.

Explosive weight lifting or motions mimicking a sports movements are mostly a demonstration of momentum rather than strength building, but do a poor job of building strength and are possibly dangerous.

Just like the highly-achieving adults, young athletes must get plenty of sleep, eat well and hydrate properly, strength train in a safe and responsible manner to the exclusion of other supposed forms of conditioning, and practice his or her sport as specifically and precisely as possible.