The InForm Workout


Cardio-inset-circle200Is each session really only 20 minutes long?
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Yes, that is true, the exercise itself will take approximately 20 minutes.

Cardio-inset-circle200Will I really get results by training only twenty minutes once or twice a week?
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Yes. Twenty minutes is all you need to set into motion the chain reaction in the body to start building stronger muscles. Arthur Jones, the father of High Intensity Training (HIT), once said, “There is no such thing as a long, hard workout.” In other words, the harder the workout the shorter it lasts.

Once stimulated, the best thing you can do is to let Mother Nature do its thing, and give yourself a minimum of three days’ rest, before your body has the chance to adapt metabolically and synthesize stronger muscles.

Many of us still equate more with better. This is a fallacy. In order to stimulate positive change, workouts need to be brief (no more than twenty minutes) and infrequent (no more than twice per week). When training at high intensity (necessary to provide an effective growth stimulus), the body can tolerate only a limited volume and frequency. Training too long or too often can lead to a stagnation of progress, injury, and/or illness.

Cardio-inset-circle200Should I refrain from doing any other type of exercise?
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Well, more specifically, you should refrain from doing more high intensity exercise. By engaging in more than two intense workouts a week you take the risk of overtraining which can lead to injury and other long-term negative effects. However, we want you to enjoy whatever recreational pursuits your heart desires. After all, we provide the exercise you need so you can live the life you want.

Cardio-inset-circle200How soon should I expect to see results?
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That depends on your definition of ‘results’. Right from your first workout your body’s biology is being pushed to change for the better. Many Clients report the feeling of ‘something’s happening’ within the first two to three weeks of the program. If you’re working out consistently, by week six, you should definitely feel stronger, have less overall fatigue, and your aches and pains should be lessened. Within 12 weeks, most people start to see the physical changes in their bodies.

If ‘results’ means to you ‘a total body transformation’ - then it may take more time. In most cases this requires fat loss, which in turn, requires dietary changes. We’ll help guide you there, too. Yet, no amount of exercise or spin classes will make up for a lack of a nutrition strategy. The combination of a whole food, low-glycemic nutrition plan and the high-intensity training at InForm Fitness is the one-two punch you need for a complete body makeover.

Cardio-inset-circle200What can I do to improve my results?
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Nutrition and Rest. Eat real food and nourish the body with essential nutrients. Also, be sure to get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Your body repairs and restores on a cellular level during sleep. Exhaustion effects your immune system and goes into over drive thus leading to chronic inflammation.

Cardio-inset-circle200How does a consultation work?
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The InForm Fitness Consultation is largely a discussion - an opportunity for you to sit down with one of our professionally certified Instructors and discuss the workout in greater detail. The Consultation is also our chance to learn more about your goals and experiences, give you a chance to ask any questions, and offer you a taste for the workout. All total, your first visit may take an hour. Thereafter, you will be in and out the door in under 30 minutes.

Cardio-inset-circle200Must I have a personal trainer?
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Yes. Each workout is conducted under the close supervision and guidance of a highly trained Instructor, ensuring that you’re maintaining proper form for your safety. An Instructor too proves unparalleled for maintaining motivation, accountability, and for tracking progress.

At InForm Fitness, you never have to worry about setting up the machines or charting your progress. Our Instructors are responsible for designing the workout, setting up the machines, and motivating you through the tough and final repetitions of each exercise, and all the while keeping your personal chart and notes updated on your progress.

Cardio-inset-circle200What can I expect in each workout?
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Your instructor will guide you through five to seven, sometimes eight, different strength-training exercises that will give you an intense full-body workout.

Cardio-inset-circle200What to wear?
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Our only rule regarding attire is no skirts, heels, or restrictive clothing. You are welcome to wear gym clothes if you wish, but business casual or street clothing is also appropriate. Whatever you wear, just be sure that your muscles and joints can enjoy an unrestricted and full range of motion.

Cardio-inset-circle200Do you have locker rooms?
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Yes, most InForm Fitness facilities offer dressing rooms, lockers and showers for our Clients’ convenience. Exact amenities may vary with each location.

Cardio-inset-circle200What to eat before a workout?
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Eat an apple or orange. You’ll get a boost from the fruit’s natural sugar and your body will thank you.

Cardio-inset-circle200I heard you don't sweat – is that true?
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Well, you may hear that, but it’s not quite true. InForm Fitness Studios are intentionally kept at a comfortably cool (68F) temperature at all times, not to prevent sweating, but to prevent overheating.

Overheating is the stage where sweating no longer helps cool you down, but may reduce performance and lead to nausea and/or other more serious conditions. So, while some people are more prone to sweating than others, not many people sweat here.

Cardio-inset-circle200Is this exercise good for women who are pregnant?
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All pregnancies are different, and before you make any decisions regarding exercise during pregnancy you should check with your doctor. Once your doctor has cleared you for physical activity, the Power of 10 is not just a great way to stay in shape during pregnancy, it also happens to be terrific conditioning for giving birth and the recovery after.

Cardio-inset-circle200Is the InForm workout safe for out of shape, older adults?
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Yes, and in many cases it should be the only way older adults engage in high intensity exercise. That is because our super slow lifting speeds, watchful eyes, and special equipment won’t exacerbate any pre-existing injuries. Also, the older we get, the faster we lose muscle, which leads to falls, injuries, digestive disruptions, joint problems, and loss of bone density. The key to preventing all these issues is engaging in a safe, yet intense strength-training program.