Vanessa Panetta

Vanessa Panetta personal trainer Long Island, NY for InForm Fitness.

Vanessa Panetta has been a personal trainer since 2005 and helps more than 50 clients a week get the most out of their fitness training program. With clients ranging from men to women to seniors to those who don’t like to exercise, Vanessa particularly enjoys working with people who have health issues or other unique concerns. Whether fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, arthritis or obesity, she finds that helping people live with added strength is a great reward. Both ISSA and Power of 10 certified, Vanessa is also certified in CPR.

Prior to joining InForm Vanessa pursued a variety of different exercise programs including Pilates, Crossfit, Yoga, Insanity, Isometrics, cycling and regular running. Over time she found that each program had its particular benefits but each also brought with it various limitations or a potential downside. “Pilates was low impact,” she says, “but it also doesn’t fully fatigue the muscles for maximum benefit. Crossfit was very social and could be lots of fun but it can also be very dangerous and offers no real supervision from a knowledgeable trainer.” In particular Vanessa was an avid runner. “But I found myself running miles after miles and getting nowhere with my strength. I also found that I had to keep running faster and longer in order to get that runners ‘high’ and I simply didn’t have the time for that.”

A Perfect Fit

Seeing Adam Zickerman and InForm Fitness featured on CBS 48 Hours, Vanessa decided to give the Power of 10 workout a try. It was the right fit and Vanessa eventually decided became a Power of 10 personal trainer herself. “It works. It’s simple. It’s like classical vs. pop. Power of 10 gets right down to the purest way to exercise safely and efficiently. If you like the pop culture of group classes and the hype that so many gyms offer that has a place can perhaps be a great way to have fun with friends. But to have an intense, pure work out of every muscle in your body with no frills – the classical – then Power of 10 is it.”

Today Vanessa’s clients echo her sentiments. “Many belonged to various gyms and love the ease and simplicity of our training and always express that they have never felt anything like it before. They love the one on one personal attention and follow-up after training sessions making sure everything went ok.” Clients also like the quiet and cool temperature of the Port Washington gym and find the lack of mirrors and crowds an additional plus.

“It’s a wonderful environment to work out in. I feel we all work together and can ask questions or voice concerns about training and technique and solve them. All the trainers share their knowledge which is beneficial for everyone. Everyone can benefit from our training, from an athlete to an average Joe, young or the young at heart. Gaining muscle is something we all need to do and to be able to do that safelyeffectively and efficiently is a no brainier.”

Why Choose Vanessa as Your Personal Trainer?

Vanessa is a personal trainer who knows how to put her clients at ease, making them feel comfortable while still giving it their all. She brings years of experience to each session but loves to learn more about her field and her clients every day.