Robert Francis

Personal Trainer Robert Francis of InForm Fitness in Port Washington, NY.

Robert Francis has extensive experience working with trainees of every age and fitness level, from people with metabolic disorders (M.S., myositis), and spine pathologies, to top level athletes.

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 1983,  Robert continued working as a full-time trainer earning several advanced Nautilus certifications, and in 1997, helped InForm Fitness get it’s start by retooling some of our original machines. Robert says, ‘My early interest in Nautilus started as a means to gain muscle strength rapidly and with far less time than the, then current 5 and 6 day-a-week, 2 hour long workouts.”  His continued search for a more efficient exercise protocol then led him, in the 1990’s, to the SuperSlow Exercise Guild and became one of the first Master Certified SuperSlow Trainers (SuperSlow was a precursor to Power-of-10 protocol and early generation Nautilus are modified for InForm Fitness use).

In 1990, Robert joined Arthur Jones (founder of Nautilus) at the University of Florida where Jones’ new company, MedX, conducted research and established the MedX Certifications. The five MedX Certification programs under Jones were comprehensive and covered exercise testing, evaluation and procedures for rehabilitation in the most minute detail possible. Robert completed and was certified in all five. Robert now brings this invaluable research experience with specialized, one-of-a-kind exercise tools, expert physiologists and a varied client base from college athletes to the aged and deconditioned to our most recent studio in Port Washington.