Katie Gibble

Throughout her life, Katie has been drawn to physical fitness, excelling in all areas of sports, primarily basketball. Although strong on a professional track, Katie’s basketball career was unfortunately cut too short after suffering a devastating ACL tear in High School. From her injury, however, a great fascination in the fields of health, injury and recovery, and anatomy was born and Katie went on to get a Bachelors Degree of Science from George Mason University in Health, Fitness and Exercise Science.

Katie is a formerly licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Emergency Medical Technician. Having grown up spending most of her time with traditional “cardio” and the typical three to four days a week in the gym, Katie was at first skeptical of the Power of 10 workout protocol. But after her first few training sessions, and her own extensive research into the application’s underlying science, Katie became a firm believer in the effectiveness of slow-motion strength training. Today, Katie enjoys the efficiency of the workout, training once a week for 20 minutes. But having undergone two reconstructive knee surgeries, Katie understands injury, and as such, most appreciates the workout’s fundamental safety and efficiency.