Joshua Cagney

Joshua holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Business Law from Ohio University and a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He previously worked in telecommunications project management and as a clinical therapist working with a variety of at-risk clients. 

Joshua’s interest in fitness began playing high school football, and continued through part time training at conventional gyms during college. Introduced to the Power-of-10 protocol at the age of 40, he was immediately taken with the effectiveness of the exercise regimen and the disappearance of aches and discomfort. He has since been an advocate of the Power of 10, and embraces the concept of slow-motion, high intensity strength training as a vehicle for change in other people’s lives, just as it has been for him. Joshua is Studio Manager in Reston.

Outside the Studio, Joshua continues clinical work at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center as a Programs Manager, working with MADD Northern Virginia, and engages in various speaking engagements focused on criminal justice reform and social transition from long-term incarceration. He remains committed to community service, by helping others achieve actualization through cognitive and behavioral change, and meaningful transition.