Jeff Grossman

Jeff Grossman - Trainer

Jeff Grossman is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise and as a “Power of 10” trainer by Adam Zickerman, the founder of our program.  He has been exercising on-and-off for most of his life and has been involved with several different types of exercise, including Yoga, Pilates and standard weight-training.  He is now fully committed to training people in our program of high-intensity, slow-motion strength training.


“After I retired from a successful 35-year career in Real Estate, I wasn’t sure how I would be spending my time.  I did know that my wife, Diane, and I wanted to be as healthy as we could be.  My two greatest interests at the time were learning Spanish and cooking.   I realized that learning to speak fluent Spanish was fun but not entirely necessary when I have Google Translator on my phone.  I also realized that learning to cook good-tasting, nutritious meals, along with regular exercise, was the pathway to good health.”

“My planned exercise program consisted of Pilates once or twice a week and a slow and steady 45 minute workout on an elliptical machine 3 or 4 times a week.  That was the plan, but it became more and more difficult to be consistent.  Pretty soon I was doing Pilates once a week and the elliptical machine maybe twice a week.  The Pilates was definitely beneficial; however, I hurt myself two different times and had to take two and three weeks off to recover.  I didn’t hurt myself doing the elliptical machine, but I was really starting to wonder how much it was benefiting me.”

“About that time Diane told me about a book entitled “Body By Science”, written by Doug McGuff, M.D., and John Little.  It introduced me to the concept of high-intensity, slow-motion weight training.  Then I read Adam Zickerman’s book, “Power of Ten”.  I am usually a pretty skeptical person, but these two books convinced me that Adam’s 20-minute, once-a-week work-out program for building and maintaining muscle would not only benefit me but would be a program that I could commit to on a consistent basis.  I was especially drawn to the idea of working out in a calm, quiet, semi-private environment with individual attention from a personal trainer who specializes in Adam’s technique.  Diane and I signed up and began training.”


“We loved the training right from the beginning.  The workouts don’t take very long, but they are INTENSE, and we knew we were getting a WORKOUT.  Along with our healthy diets, high-intensity, slow-motion weight training was getting us in great shape.  We were building lean muscle, getting stronger and looking toned, and we knew that 20 minutes, once-a-week was something that we could commit to doing on a consistent basis.

“One day we were talking to our trainer, and I was telling him about my real estate career.  I had been a salesman, but my passion had always been training and guiding new salespeople.  I had worked with literally hundreds of salespeople in my career, and I became (with no false modesty) a very effective trainer.  On the drive home, Diane was literally bouncing around in the car.  She was excitedly almost shouting, “Do you see how perfect this is for you?  You are a trainer.  This could be your new career.“

“When I let the idea in, I became more excited than her, because it seemed like it was meant to be.  I called our trainer and had him give me Adam Zickerman’s e-mail address.  I sent Adam an e-mail and told him that I wanted to be a “Power of Ten” trainer.  Adam called me, and we spoke for about 10 minutes; he asked me a few questions, acknowledged my enthusiasm and told me what was involved in becoming one of his trainers.  After fifteen rigorous months of academic and physical training, he certified me.”


“All of the trainers at Inform Fitness are excellent, and each brings her or his unique experience and personality to the job.  I have always been passionate about training people.  Although I was a fairly successful real estate salesman, my greatest enjoyment was in training and guiding new agents.  For me there are few experiences in life more satisfying than working with someone who is doing something new and possibly a little intimidating and supporting them in achieving success.  I realize the necessity for clear communication between trainer and trainee, and I am sensitive to the fact that everyone’s needs are different  Within the safe and efficient framework of the “Power of 10”, I work with you as an individual and help you to achieve your goals.”


I was very pleased to meet and start training with Jeff, because he immediately put me at ease.  I was recovering from cancer, I had lost a lot of weight, and I was extremely weak. He assured me that slow motion weight training was safe and would help me in my recovery.  He explained some of the science behind resistance training and how the different machines relate to our many muscle groups. He also explained to me how fatiguing our muscles makes them rebuild stronger and better. Because slow motion is our goal, Jeff very patiently helps me focus on correct form, breathing and speed. The results of my workouts with Jeff have honestly been more than expected.  I am stronger now than I was before I got cancer.

Cathy R.

Jeff is loyal, hard working and committed to doing his best no matter what he is doing.  Maybe you can imagine how awesome it is to see someone retire, and then turn around and reboot himself, with a completely new and different kind of work. His enthusiasm for this program is infectious.   I have referred a few women to Jeff and had them tell me how much they appreciate his professionalism, demeanor and focus, and how easy it is to work with him. Since he has been my trainer too, I can add that his presence and verbal cues keep me focused and motivate me to increase my workout and do my very best.  If you haven’t guessed, I am his wife, and for many years I have been aware of his ability to meet people where they are and give his best to them.

Diane G