Jason Smith

Jason was originally a client himself, and one of the biggest cynics to start. Witnessing the results and feeling the difference, Jason soon came to believe in the program’s lifelong benefits. So great was his experience, he left his management career to begin his journey as an exercise instructor for the Leesburg Team to help others discover the benefits of slow-motion, high-intensity strength training.

The “traditional way of weightlifting” has been ingrained in Jason since an early age, since his engagement in high school football, wrestling and track & field (a shot putter and discus thrower, not so much the running). Jason also competed in several power-lifting competitions. After graduating High School, Jason continued to lift weights spending two hours a day for three to four days per week. One dark day, he found out the hard way the perils of free weights when his efforts to get out that one last rep left him stuck to the bench with a 275lb barbell across his chest. Luckily, Jason soon realized two things; one, that training without a trainer or spotter can be very dangerous, and two, that is very difficult to push your body to the edge in a safe manner with traditional weight training. He’s ours now and is Studio Manager in Leesburg.