Dr. Louis E. Fierro, Jr. DC (Medical/REHAB)

Dr. Lou

“Hey, let’s ask Dr. Lou,” is an often-heard suggestion around the NYC Studio. Why not leverage his 20 years’ chiropractic experience?

Indeed, what an asset we have in Dr. Louis E. Fierro, Jr. DC (aka Dr. Lou), who brings to InForm Fitness both patient-focused treatments, as well as the collaborative spirit we so value. In the service of our Clients, Dr. Lou’s expertise both compliments that of our Instructors, and further augments the Client experience of exceptional health care in the most efficient manner.

Dr. Lou’s healthcare model is built on the foundation of actively engaging his patients in a series of specific corrective exercises. “Healthcare cannot be passive – we must actively engage each Client and empower them to take an active role in improving their functional capacity.”

Dr. Lou’s treatments combine manual, musculoskeletal corrective therapy with specific exercises in accordance with InForm’s Power-of-10 protocol. Together, the synergistic relationship between structure and functional performance can be re-established and the body’s kinetic movement patterns improved.

Dr. Lou received his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1997 from the University Of Bridgeport College Of Chiropractic.  Since, Dr. Lou has been providing specialized care for everyone from the elite-level professional athlete to the deconditioned corporate employee.

Dr. Lou is excited about working with our InForm community…  can be reached directly at 914.393.5133 should you have any questions.