Chuck Bystricky

Chuck Bystricky personal trainer for InForm Fitness Boulder Valley in Boulder, CO.

Chuck Bystricky has been a personal trainer since 1980, supervising hundreds of clients in thousands of training sessions. With clients ranging from professional athletes to handicapped children, Chuck’s true passion is training new clients. Proving that “less is best” is a very rewarding challenge. With an additional background as an EMT, firefighter and IT engineer, Chuck is both Power of 10 and SuperSlow® Exercise Guild certified.

“I have experimented with dozens of other fitness programs, most of which left me achy and beaten up.  I had a tendency to work out too much. Many years ago, my wife watched the 48 Hours Investigates piece on The Power of 10. She decided to give it a try, going from daily trips to the gym to once or twice a week and modified her eating habits. I watched her body and health improve and gave it a try myself…and we’ve never looked back (or felt better!). At 16, my daughter also jumped on the band wagon and her confidence skyrocketed. I am totally convinced that the smartest approach to exercise is the Power of 10 workout because it’s all about how little exercise I require, not how much my body can tolerate. This is the essence of The Power of 10.”

Because of his vast experience, Chuck is very good at not only knowing and applying the Power of 10 training protocol, but he also relates to how his clients feel. He makes adjustments based on the individual needs and goals of each client. He puts the “personal” back in training.