Cameron Platt

Cameron completed his Undergraduate degree at The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (UMD), with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education. He then went on to earn his certification as a Certified Personal Trainer with The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Cameron has dedicated his life to teaching and instructing to make a positive impact on his community.

Growing up in Northern New Jersey, Cameron has played an influential role in sports like wrestling, track and field, and acted as Goal Keeper for the U.S. Premiere Team in Italy. After graduating college, Cameron began following aspirations to become a competitive Physique/Bodybuilding athlete. Years of strength training finally led him to the Power of Ten training style.  Since adding it to his own training regimen, Cameron believes that slow motion resistance training is the most effective way to build strength and develop lean muscle.

Cameron’s meticulous style ensures that his clients stay safe, understand the purpose of each movement and consistently reach their goals.