37 Modulating Extremes While Exercising

The Power of Ten workout, as discussed here at The Inform Fitness Podcast, is a high-intensity, slow-motion strength training protocol closely modulated with your very own one-on-one, personal trainer.  Here in Episode 37, we discuss the potential dangers of not closely modulating a high-intensity exercise program such as CrossFit, excessive spin classes, or marathon training.  Working out under very extremeContinue reading “37 Modulating Extremes While Exercising”

36 BodyBuilding and Biomechanics with Doug Brignole

Professional bodybuilder, author, trainer, and biomechanics expert Doug Brignole joins us here on Episode 36 of the InForm Fitness Podcast.  Doug will share his deep knowledge of and training principles, including compound movements vs isolation movements, exercise vs. recreation, the pros and cons of adding variety to your workouts, static vs dynamic exercises, the properContinue reading “36 BodyBuilding and Biomechanics with Doug Brignole”

34 Is the American Heart Association Misleading Us About Coconut Oil

Adam Zickerman and Mike Rogers discuss a recent USA Today article citing The American Heart Association’s report advising against the use of coconut oil (http://bit.ly/USAToday_CoconutOil_AHA). However, could this study contain some flaws? Could the trusted, highly respected  AHA actually be skewing the results of their study?  Adam and Mike breakdown the data behind the recent AHA studyContinue reading “34 Is the American Heart Association Misleading Us About Coconut Oil”

33 The Women of InForm Fitness

Joining us in Episode 33 – The Women of InForm Fitness are Sheila Melody and Ann Webb Kirkland from the InForm Fitness, Burbank/Toluca Lake location and Nicole Gustavson from the Leesburg and Reston, Virginia InForm Fitness Locations. This one’s for the girls and Sheila, Ann, and Nicole discuss: The main issues they encounter with theirContinue reading “33 The Women of InForm Fitness”

31 Working Out According to Your Genetics with Ryan Hall

Joining The InForm Fitness Podcast is Exercise Physiologist and Certified Master Trainer, Ryan A. Hall.  Ryan has over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Ryan’s Exercise and Genetic Variability Lecture formed the basis of Chapter 8: The Genetic Factor in Body By Science by Dr. Doug McGuff and John Little. He also contributed to Chapter 3: The Dose/Response Relationship of Exercise.Continue reading “31 Working Out According to Your Genetics with Ryan Hall”