17 Failure is the Only Option

What do you mean “failure is the ONLY option”? It’s a hard concept to grasp, but we are talking about muscle failure. Reaching muscle failure safely is scientifically proven to build muscle, burn fat, and to assist in rebooting your metabolism. In this episode, Adam Zickerman, Mike Rodgers, Sheila Melody, and Tim Edwards define muscleContinue reading “17 Failure is the Only Option”

15 Adam in La La Land

A couple times a year Adam visits the Burbank/Toluca Lake Inform Fitness location. During his visit to La La Land in the holiday season of 2016, we set up our podcast studio in the lobby of Inform Fitness for our first ever, live, onsite podcast recording. Sheila Melody introduced us to all of the trainersContinue reading “15 Adam in La La Land”