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King of Strain: Adam Zickerman’s Power of 10 Prescribes a Fitness Revolution

“If vague but all-powerful forces are keeping you from getting to the gym, consider these six honeyed words: once a week, for 20 minutes. Super Slow, the slow strength-training system, outlines just such a time commitment and, in so doing, is a refreshing slap in the face to both running (running a mile expends only about 100 calories, or two Oreos) and aerobics (which often involves Olivia Newton-John-type headbands). In Power of 10, Adam Zickerman, the owner and founder of InForm Fitness Studios in New York, and co-author Bill Schley advocate 20-second-long weight-lifting reps of very heavy weights: 10 seconds lifting and 10 seconds lowering deprives you of momentum and induces muscle failure.