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Hamptons Magazine

    8 Fun Ways to Get (and Stay) in Shape “Most Hamptonites agree that it can be a challenge to fit even an hour of fitness into an action-packed weekend, but we all have 20 minutes a week to spare, maintains Adam Zickerman, founder of InForm Fitness. His Power of 10 workout, a high-intensity,… Read more »


    The power of an hour: How much time does it take to get fit? “Adam Zickerman of InForm is a leading slo-mo guru…Muscle failure is often a stated goal of trainers; here it’s an unavoidable outcome every time…For Zickerman, the key to health is a body that’s strong. ‘Americans are exercising themselves to… Read more »


    “Instead of a gazillion crunches, do fewer reps at a slower pace to work your muscles to the max, says Adam Zickerman, coauthor of Power of 10. For each move, follow this pace: 10 seconds to come up, a 2-second squeeze, then 10 seconds to come down. Maintain a continuous, fluid motion –… Read more »


    Is Cardio Dead? “But why go to the gym three days a week when you could go just once? In his book Power of 10 (HarperCollins), Adam Zickerman, the owner of Manhattan’s InForm Fitness Studio, argues that 30 minutes a week of slow-motion weight training burns more calories than regular-pace lifting and is… Read more »


    Trend Watch: Slow Workout, Fast Results? Slow-speed strength training promises to build muscles in no time.


    Is Slow Lifting Better? “The 20-minute workout, made up of six different movements, is all the exercise you need to sculpt muscles and burn fat, maintains Adam Zickerman, author of Power of 10… ‘Studies have shown that super-slow is almost 50 percent better than standard training in building muscle,’ says Wayne Westcott, Ph.D.”

New York Times

BOOKS ON HEALTH; Exercise That’s Hot and Slow “Mr. Zickerman’s program is essentially training with weights, ‘the way to go for young and old alike.’ What may differentiate it from some other similar regimens is the slowness of the movement of the weights. His method slows movement to a 10-second cadence, 10 up, 10 down…. Read more »

New York: Best of New York

    “There has never been a workout trend more suited to the time-challenged but exacting New Yorker… Adam Zickerman, president of InForm Fitness Studio and one of the technique’s pioneers, has set up a slow-weight mecca in midtown filled with customized Nautilus machines. Zickerman’s 20-to-30-minute workouts cover the entire body, and the increase in… Read more »

New York Times

Workout Revolution: Is Eight Minutes Of Weights All You Need? “For Adam Zickerman, the light dawned about 10 years ago when he was lifting weights in a gym and stopped to survey the clientele. ‘I looked at all the people doing aerobics, treadmills, steppers, and I noticed something,’ said Mr. Zickerman, 38, ‘They were all fat.’ Mr…. Read more »

Vanity Fair

    King of Strain: Adam Zickerman’s Power of 10 Prescribes a Fitness Revolution “If vague but all-powerful forces are keeping you from getting to the gym, consider these six honeyed words: once a week, for 20 minutes. Super Slow, the slow strength-training system, outlines just such a time commitment and, in so doing, is… Read more »


    Total Fitness in Thirty Minutes a Week “Intrigued but extremely skeptical, I went over to see Adam Zickerman, who runs the InForm Fitness Studios in midtown Manhattan, where [my friend] found her muscles…Zickerman explained the program and the assortment of weight-training machines — the Leg Press, the Hip Adduction, the Leg Extension, the Lat… Read more »

Men’s Journal

    Slow Down, Bulk Up: How to build maximum strength in minimum time “At the top of my extension, with my arms quivering, I try to smoothly lower the stack of weights while [trainer Adam] Zickerman counts off 15 agonizing seconds on his stopwatch. ‘Show me control on the negative,’ he says, ‘Slow it… Read more »


    Building Strength Fast By Going Slow After dentist Steven Kafko, 53, had surgery on two vertebrae in his neck, doctors told him he would have to avoid strenuous activity for the rest of his life — and definitely no weight-lifting. But after reviewing the slow-motion strength training offered at New York’s InForm Fitness, ‘my… Read more »

New York Post

Burn, Baby, Burn: Fitness Gurus Say to Lose Fat and Build Muscle You Gotta Take It Sloooow “‘You shouldn’t exercise to burn calories. You exercise to build lean muscle,’ says [Adam] Zickerman of InForm Fitness, who says slow exercise is the safest. ‘Aerobic training doesn’t burn very many calories anyway and it leads to joint… Read more »


    Lifting weights at a snail’s pace can work wonders. Is it the whole key to fitness? “When Rona Ostrow took up slow-motion training 14 months ago, she had battled breast cancer for nearly five years. The treatments had damaged her thyroid and sent her abruptly into menopause, leaving her weak, overweight and discouraged… Read more »

New York Times

Mighty Muscles Built in Slow Motion “Owned by Adam Zickerman, a trainer, InForm is one of about 100 centers in the country that teach ‘Super Slow,’ a weight training technique that involves lifting weights in ultraslow motion. ‘When you lift quickly,’ Mr. Zickerman said, ‘the exercise goes by so fast, your muscles don’t have time to… Read more »