55 Single Joint vs. Multi Joint Movements

Dr James Fisher Podcast


Single Joint vs. Multi Joint Movements

Launching into a new Season of the InForm Fitness Podcast, just as rich with contemporary topics and live industry players as the last season, Episode #55 features British researcher, academic and University Lecturer on Sports Conditioning & Fitness, Dr. James Fisher. Together with Adam and Mike, Dr. Fisher dives deep into the topic of single-joint versus multi-joint exercise movements. If that doesn’t sound like cutting-edge, worthy material….well, you’re forgiven, but wrong, and we understand. But trust us. Listen here to find out what the hype is about and what it could mean for your workouts!

InForm Fitness Founder and New York Times best-selling Author, Adam Zickerman, together with Podcast co-host, Mike Rogers, Instructor and General Manager at the InForm Fitness Headquarters in Manhattan, New York, invite both debate and special Guests to each Episode in the spirit to motivate, inspire and educate.

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