15 Adam in La La Land

InForm Fitness Podcast


A couple times a year Adam visits the Burbank/Toluca Lake Inform Fitness location. During his
visit to La La Land in the holiday season of 2016, we set up our podcast studio in the lobby of
Inform Fitness for our first ever, live, onsite podcast recording.

Sheila Melody introduced us to all of the trainers at the Burbank location, including Tim’s
personal trainer Joseph Altamirano. Joe share’s Tim’s progress after working out for an entire
year at Inform Fitness. We will also hear from several Inform Fitness clients who have benefited
from The Power of Ten.

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Transcript Below

Adam: InForm Nation, welcome to our very first live episode. Look at all these people! There are hundreds of people here now.

Sheila: Thank you for coming.

Tim: Thank you for being here as we broadcast our InForm Fitness podcast. 20 minutes with Adam Zickerman and friends. Adam joining us here again today.

Adam: I have friends!

Tim: It’s good to see you Adam.

Sheila: We’re so glad that Adam’s here for our holiday party. This is a first!

Adam: To my New York friends, I want to let you know that people — win they hear that I’m from New York, they say, you don’t seem like you’re from New York.

Tim: How did you take that Adam?

Adam: So I’m going to ask my New York friends, how do they take that? It’s like, you don’t look Jewish. It’s kind of like the same thing, right?

Tim: Well from New York and joining us here in L.A, too bad Mike can’t be with us today. We’re going to see Mike —

Adam: That’s okay, we can use a break from time to time. I’ve known him for fourteen years for crying out loud. We can go a podcast without each other.

Sheila: Mike’s so great though.

Tim: Normally we do this in three different locations, in my studio, Sheila is in her studio or sometimes here, and Mike and Adam are in Manhattan so we connect through Skype. So it’s fun to be able to actually look you all in the face while we’re doing this, but it also seems kind of weird doesn’t it? We’ve been doing this now for close to a year so — well a year ago, right about now Sheila is when I think you and I were first talking about podcasting and we thought about hey let’s maybe do one for InForm Fitness and talk to Adam.

Adam: And you got me to buy a lot of expensive shit.

Tim: I did, which you brought with you.

Sheila: But you’re loving it, right?

Tim: But boy don’t you sound good with that new microphone.

Adam: I do, I think I sound sexy.

Tim: What do you think ladies, does Adam sound sexy?

Sheila: You might have to hear it on the mic.

Adam: Scream if I sound sexy. One person and she works for me.

Tim: That’s called job security.

Sheila: That was just someone in there on the leg press.

Tim: We’re just steps away from the gym area here in InForm Fitness at Toluca Lake. So it’s been an interesting December for Adam. In fact a week ago today, I think it aired. You received some national exposure, tell us about your time with America’s favorite doctor.

Adam: Yes, I was on the Dr. Oz show, busting myths. They had a show of 99 myths to bust, and I was one of 99 myths.

Tim: So this was a segment on the show?

Adam: It was a segment to the show, so it was cool because I actually got to drive my mobile gym to the studio.

Tim: It’s the gym in the van or a bus or something, right?

Adam: Yeah, it’s our workout. Specialized equipment, same that we have in other places except that it’s modified to fit into a bus and it’s the basic circuit. At our gyms around the country, we have many pieces of equipment for many, many types of routine but the bus can handle one

really good routine which is really all you need.

Tim: So tell me, what do you use the bus for? Are there offices around the city or in New York that can’t quite make it down to Manhattan, so you bring the gym to them?

Adam: Yep. I bring it to — really it’s being used now — it’s become so popular that we’re kind of really only using it now for corporations. Going to a private corporation where they have a parking lot and the employees come down, one after the other and work out. It’s become so

popular that going to a single person’s house isn’t economic sense anymore. That’s how it

started, going to somebody’s house, that they’re so lazy that they can’t even drive five minutes for a twenty minute workout and drive back. That is way too much for them, so why don’t you pull in our driveway instead?

Sheila: Some more people just walked in.

Tim: A lot of people coming in, yeah,  because what we failed to mention at the top of the show was that we are recording today’s podcast during a holiday party that Sheila is hosting here at InForm Fitness in the Toluca Lake area, and we’ll bring some of these guests on in just a

moment. Before we do that, tell us about your time with Dr. Oz, what was that all about?

Adam: Basically was what I covered was, inside the bus, they sent a correspondent down there and they asked me if it’s necessary — is it true that you have to work out every single day, an hour a day, to get into shape?

Tim: So you were busting that myth.

Adam: I was busting that myth. I showed them how to lift weights slowly and efficiently, and if you do it that way, you don’t really need to do much more after that.

Tim: So they filmed you on the bus, you weren’t in the studio at all?

Adam: No, I didn’t even meet Dr. Oz. He was talking to me remotely.

Sheila: You made him laugh though, you made a joke.

Adam: Yeah I made him laugh a little bit, but I’m a [Inaudible: 00:05:05], he doesn’t want to deal with me.

Tim: You helped him bust a myth on his show, awesome. Maybe we can capture the audio from that and put that on the podcast as well.

Adam: Somebody wrote on our Facebook page that if you blinked, you missed it. One person watched the whole show and said, I didn’t see you!

Sheila: That was when they blinked.

Adam: I said you must have blinked. Our fans were a little disappointed that it wasn’t like sitting on his couch and doing an expose and getting into it.

Tim: But still, help spreading the word…

Adam: Now I’m friends with his producers and I’m going to bug the shit out of them until they get me back on the show.

Tim: InForm Nation, I want everyone to send an email to Dr. Oz saying we need more Adam on the show. We want Adam! Let’s get that chanting — see that’s job security for me too.

Adam: Maybe I really don’t have any friends.

Tim: Well you’ve changed a lot of people’s lives with power of ten, myself included, and pretty soon we’re going to bring on some of the trainers here at InForm Fitness, and we’re going to bring Joe on in a minute as well. Joe is my trainer and he’s going to either embarrass me, or make me feel really good here about my last year at InForm Fitness, with some of the progress that I’ve made hopefully.

Adam: You mean the last year that you’ve spent here, working out. It’s not your last year coming here though. So after tomorrow, I’m not coming back anymore.

Sheila: He’s been here for a year, that’s it.

Tim: No, no. Like a lot of people that we’ve interviewed, they’ve been doing this for years and years, because it is the most sustainable workout that I’ve ever experienced and for them as well too, because of the 20-30 minutes a week, and the results that come.

Adam: I’ve been asked though, after a year or so of somebody coming here, they say, I’ve been coming here a year, how long do I have to keep doing this for?

Tim: Until you die.

Adam: And I said, my wife just asked me the same question about our marriage, but actually — so when somebody asks me, how long do I have to do this for, it’s funny I always say, how long do you have to brush your teeth for? It’s twenty minutes once a week, deal with it. You’ve got to keep doing it if you want to keep your muscle up. Anyway, I kind of find it funny when people ask me that question. Someone’s like, how long do I have to keep doing this for, and I feel like answering, you haven’t listened to a damn word I’ve ever said to you, have you? Has anything I’ve said gotten through to you? Get out of here, you don’t deserve to be here anymore. But no, you have to do it once a week for twenty minutes, and it’s amazing the quality of life you can have at pretty much any age. If you can maintain that, just like if you can brush your teeth, not everybody that’s 70 years old needs dentures. It’s only those that don’t floss! I told you to floss, didn’t I tell you to floss? Now you need implants, good for you. Give me 15,000 dollars please.

Tim: All that it takes is flossing and brushing your teeth, and coming in here once a week to keep your teeth and your hips, perhaps.

Sheila: Exactly.

Adam: It’s either work out here or get a hip replacement.

Tim: So Adam, you come here about twice a year? On average? And you’re down this time

because you’re going though a certification process.

Adam: Yes we have some new certifiees that were touched by this work out. They had an epiphany and said, oh my god, I’ve got to do this. Even if it means dealing with Adam for a weekend.

Tim: For those of you in the room that have had to deal with Adam, so far so good? Yeah, good thumbs up. If somebody is listening and they’re interested in learning how to become certified, what can they do?

Adam: Think really long and hard about it first of all. It’s a commitment, and it’s a thankless process in a way because it’s really hard —

Tim: Boy he’s selling them, now they’re going to call.

Adam: I’m just trying to weed them out. That’s the challenge, some people like that challenge. I do want to weed them out because this is not —

Sheila: It’s not for the faint of heart.

Adam: But it’s not also for just the money. It’s not the easy buck. A lot of people are going through career changes, and we had that recession recently in 2008, and I remember reading a lot about new professions to get into, should you have been downsized. Or in the recession, you lost your job, become a trainer! You don’t hear like, you lost your job in a factory, why don’t you

become a tax attorney. Go to school for seventeen years and then become a — as if becoming a trainer is no big deal, like ah, I can become a trainer, take a course overnight and I’m a trainer. Not here, not this technique. This is something — this is a calling to do this technique. It’s a movement, and I think if you want to be a trainer in this technique for our company in particular, you have to really feel like you’re being part of our movement. That you’re changing the world.

Sheila: You’ve got to drink the Koolid, that is the truth. You do.

Adam: Or coconut water.

Sheila: The healthy Koolaid.

Tim: For those who have had the chance to drink the Koolaid or coconut water, why don’t we bring in some of the trainers here.

Adam: That have gone through the paces. Maybe they can talk about how they’ve felt going through the paces.

Sheila: We’ve got all three of our wonderful trainers here at InForm Fitness.

Tim: So we’ll bring Ann on in a few moments, and then I see John just walked in, welcome John.

Adam: Let’s bring Joe in here.

Sheila: You know how to work that mic.

Tim: So we’re going to let Joe use the backup, 35 year old, realistic microphone so hold that right up on your chin Joe.

Adam: So let me say something about Joe first before he gets started.

Tim: As Joe holds his breath.

Adam:  Joe was liking a posts we were making on Facebook and I didn’t know who he was, and at first I thought he was a stalker to be honest with you. He kind of liked every single post we made on Facebook, he made comments, he sent me emails, I never responded to them.

Tim: I don’t feel so bad now Joe.

Adam: This guy’s kind of creepy I thought, but you know, as time went on, I realized this guy is not crazy. He’s really a student of this and he’s reading everything. He read Hutchins, all of it. He read Mencer. These are people, pioneers in the high intensity weight training world, and you don’t meet too many people like that. Especially that aren’t in the business, he was just reading this stuff for fun.

Sheila: And when you see that book, he knows that. He’s a resident scientist of this, exercise


Adam: It’s true. Over time, he won me over time for sure, in a big way. It’s really exciting, and like I said, this is a movement and a calling, and it became — well it wasn’t so obvious at the beginning, I thought he was creepy but like it did pretty soon thereafter I realized, this guy he is drinking the Koolaid, and he’s a student of this. When you’re like that, that’s half the battle as far as becoming a good trainer.

Sheila: Well we started to talk because you were like, this is amazing, I love this equipment and it’s so exciting to see all of this.

Joe: I was sort of a nerd of this protocol and this was the first time I was encountering this — the machinery designed to optimally perform it, so I was like a kid in a candy store.

Sheila: Because you were doing it in regular gyms.

Joe: 24 hour fitness or free weight style, so I was a kid in a candy store, I was diving into the chocolate.

Adam: Because he was reading all of this theoretical stuff about how to optimize his workout, and you lift weights slowly, there are [Inaudible: 00:13:10] mechanical problems that you

encounter by lifting weights so slowly with free weights and conventional equipment. So we overcame and redesigned machines to overcome those [Inaudible: 00:13:18] mechanical

differences but if you don’t have access to that stuff and you keep reading about it, it’s like man, would I love to get my hands on some of that stuff because I do see the problems with the

conventional leg extension machine. I do see the problems with this lower back machine, I wish I was able to do this technique on some equipment that was made for this technique. So you came in and that’s it.

Tim: Kid in a candy store. So when I first started my work out right about a year ago, Sheila was my trainer, and then I had to shift my workouts from the middle of the week to the weekend, just because it fit my schedule better. So I was handed off to Joe, and I had really gotten used to Sheila and was enjoying the way that she was working me out. Then Joe, I don’t know exactly when it was —

Joe: Jen, there’s a post it over there with Tim’s numbers —

Tim: Oh boy.

Joe: Whenever I like to pull out some numbers, I isolate leg press, pull down, and chest press, because these days in this cross fit generation, the sharing of your PR’s or your personal records is something that is automatic. I like to — our version of that is a little bit more of — it’s not show off-y but it’s very telling. Like for example, your leg press, I have a low here of 127.5 pounds, so that was probably day one. Fast forward to today —

Adam: Wait everyone’s laughing.

Joe: Susan! A lot of the ladies are feeling great.

Adam: Actually I think my dead grandmother started at that.

Tim: My self esteem is plummeting. This was at the beginning, right?

Joe: At the time, your lower back was actually giving out early on, that was the reason why you were failing. You were failing early, so we fixed that with the use of the lumbar bad, cleaner, [Inaudible: 00:15:07]

Tim: Made a huge difference.

Sheila: And did her magic on adjusting, she’s really good with that.

Joe: So we have a high here of 225.2 pounds.

Adam: That’s over a 100% increase if my math is correct.

Joe: That’s pretty ridiculous. Slightly under 100%.

Tim: I’m going with 100.

Adam: So I guess my math wasn’t correct.

Joe: Your pull down in the early days was 190 pounds, already impressive. Today, 280 pounds.

Sheila: Whoa!

Adam: Almost 100% again.

Sheila: You’ve got to hit that 300! 300 pound club.

Tim: So this was in less than a year, or right about a year, right?

Joe: Yes it is.

Tim: So there are some of the results that we’re talking about here, because I’m not a big —

Sheila: And you were injured for a little bit of too, because he plays baseball.

Tim: Twice I was injured throughout this time, so we had to change some of the — Joe you were great, especially with the upper body stuff, making some of the changes and adjustments.

Joe: Well I learned that he’s a baseball aficionado, an athlete, since high school or even more?

Tim: Since I was a little baby boy.

Adam: Brooklyn Dodgers fan. From New York, I forgot.

Joe: My goal was to get him from being someone that was a base hitter or double hitter to triples and inside the park home runs.

Tim: So let me tell this story if you don’t mind. So I was always growing up, a base hit hitter, not a lot of powers. As you can tell, I’m not a big guy, but I’ve never —

Joe: He’s sculpted under there, he’s got guns.

Tim: I’ve never hit a home run in a game, ever, ever, ever in my whole life. So I was playing, and I hit it this year, this Spring. It was one of those swings when you just don’t even feel the ball, and there it goes, right towards the fence. It hits the top of the fence and bounced back in,

nonetheless, I missed it by that much, but but but, I’ve never hit the ball that far, ever. So as I’m rounding first base, I’m thanking Joe. It was really great, one of my favorite stories from earlier this year.

Joe: Good stuff, congratulations. It’s good hearing that.

Tim: It was a long double is what it was.

Adam: Besides becoming Hank Aaron overnight, how else has his new gained strength kind of manifested itself in your life?

Tim: Well I’ll tell you, immediately — in addition to running a podcasting network, I have a video marketing company and I do a lot of the filming myself, and I carry a lot of the gear

myself. Often times up and down stairs, and I’m able still — I’m almost 50 years old, I’m able to carry all my old gear, set it up. What are you laughing at, Sheila?

Sheila: So old.

Tim: So yeah, I’m able to still perform my job really well and I remain fairly active so that’s — and that’s something I want to keep doing into my second half of life. Here’s hoping.

Adam: Here’s the thing. You can do many exercise programs that make you feel that way, but how many exercise programs are out there that can make you feel that way, only spending twenty minutes a week doing it? See that’s the point that has to be kind of realized, because this is not the only workout in the world that works. It might be the most efficient, it might be the safest, but come on.

Tim: Twenty minutes! It’s a small investment, very small investment and it’s one of my favorite twenty to thirty minutes every week is when I come in here, and then leaving, I feel — all of you that are here working out, don’t you feel great when you leave? Like I accomplished something, it feels fantastic, and then you have pillar number three, to just recover for the week, and then come back in. What cracks me up every time is when Joe asks, what’s your energy today. So we mentioned earlier, and I’m almost 50, it’s never high. Ever, but sometimes it’s medium and sometimes it’s low. But Joe, I have to compliment you as a trainer, just understanding my life personally and the things that I like and what I do with my job. You use those as motivating

factors as you alluded to earlier, to get me to where I need to be, and you do, on occasion, make me laugh when I’m in failure.

Joe: I’m sorry, not sorry.

Adam: We’ve got to have a staff meeting.

Sheila: We’re making people laugh in there.

Tim: It’s a great twenty to thirty minutes, and I look forward to it every week with you Joe, and I appreciate all the help.

Adam: Thanks Joe!

Tim: Sheila if you would please, bring in your next guest.

Sheila: Well this is the most very special trainer, that without this amazing woman, we would not be here, and I really mean this.

Tim: How about that!

Sheila: When we had the opportunity to open InForm Fitness here in LA, my first thought was — I need to call Anne, Anne Kirkland. I’ve known Anne, she was actually my first personal trainer before I got involved with power of ten, and she used to live out in the boonies where I lived, but then she moved into the city so we stopped doing that. But actually, when I found out I was

going to be opening this studio, I went to the store shortly after that, and I actually ran into Anne and I feel like it was one of those moments of synchronicity, and I was like, I need to talk to you. She’s a personal trainer, she’s been a trainer for about 13, 14 years, going to people’s houses,

private trainer, in gyms and things, and she — I said would you be interested in learning this technique, because I’m opening a studio and I cannot do this on my own, I need a trainer like you. She’s like yeah sure, and then shortly after that, we got on the phone with Adam, and he just wanted to kind of interview her and kind of see where she stood, what she thought about things.

Adam: Do you remember what I asked you?

Anne: What do you think about — you asked me something about cardio, that was one question. Another question was when in a workout should we do abs, I remember that question. That’s a no brainer.

Adam: Did I say hello first?

Anne: First you actually questioned me, you interrogated me and then you said hello, because that’s how you do.

Sheila: I remember being on this call and just listening and she was like, um… she’s like am I answering correctly here?
Anne: It’s like what does he want to hear, it’s like facts are facts.

Sheila: Adam just has this way of calmly asking questions and you’re like, I don’t know what the right answer is here!

Anne: One question you asked me is — if you do cardio, why do you do it? And I said because it makes me feel good, but I gave you my answer. I don’t do it to manage body fat, I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m already where I want to be, I was just doing what I did to manage my


Sheila: That’s a good answer.

Adam: Then you started crying.

Anne: I did, I ran to the fetal position and sucked my thumb. That’s how I tested with you.

Tim: They’re going to be lining up…

Adam: So I said Sheila hire her. Love a girl that can suck her thumb.

Sheila: I remember when we first did a workshop with Adam, it was shortly after — remember you came in, and we were walking down the street, and after we spent a little bit of time in there, Adam was walking with me, he goes, good decision. I’m like I know, you don’t have to tell me that!

Anne: That’s so funny, it was life changing.

Adam: Mutual.

Tim: I believe we’re going to begin a new video series soon.

Sheila: We’re going to begin a new video series in 2017 and it will be online and Youtube, and it will be tips and tricks with Anne.

Tim: Is this news to you Anne?

Anne: No I kind of heard whisperings of this.

Sheila: Because she’s such a character, she has all of these — like Susan was saying earlier, she makes you laugh, she’s got all of these funny analogies, and you’re just like I love this woman! She just makes it fun.

Adam: Do you mind sharing what your email address is?

Anne: Oh yeah, you’ve got to show up @yahoo.com. I should make a second email address that’s named,  because you can’t phone it in, .com

Adam: Hash tag you can’t phone in. Did I say that right, hashtag?
Anne: Hash brown.

Sheila: I call her Miss Annie, that’s her nickname. It comes from Ms. Annie — no, Annie

McTrainer Pants, that’s what I used to call her.

Anne: One of my clients, she’s not old, but one of my clients from my past training life coined that one, she stills calls me that to this day on Facebook. Annie McTrainer Pants.

Tim: She’s also a model here too, isn’t that right? Didn’t we post a photo of Anne with the new InForm Fitness swag? Got a bunch of likes on Facebook.

Anne: I did indeed.

Sheila: She has shown up, you can tell.

Anne: Showing up for a while. Since 1991, I’ve been showing up.

Tim: How about that, and changing lives.

Adam: Everybody listening to this is wishing it was not just a podcast but a video component to it.

Sheila: You’re going to have to go online and find us then.

Tim: Or even better, just come in and have Anne train you.

Anne: That’d be a great possibility, and then I can show you how to do lower back extensions properly. I see a lot of that done incorrectly and it makes my eyes bleed, so.

Sheila: That’s why we’re doing the tips and tricks with Anne.

Anne: Just to say, as a liner note, I don’t see that done improperly in here. I still work on the

outside a little bit now and then, and I still see people doing stuff that makes my eyes bleed.

Tim: Well first of all, my favorite thing about what you just said is you called it a liner note, and I’m old enough to know exactly what that means, I love that.

Anne: We all loves albums and vinyls, because we’re old as well.

Tim: Anne is also —

Adam: Nobody young is listening to this podcast.

Tim: We’ll put a link to InForm Fitness in the liner notes, or the show notes as they call it, here on the podcast. And thanks again for being with us, everybody speaks so highly of you! Sheila, why don’t you introduce our new guest joining us here today?

Sheila: Well I should let Anne introduce. This is Susan Fallon has been — how long have you been here, a couple years?

Susan: Something like that.

Adam: Since the health fair.

Sheila: We met Susan because we did a CBS health fair, she works at CBS, we got to know her then, and I remember doing her consultation. It was so fun,  because she came in and we had so much fun because you’re a very —

Susan: Animated?

Adam: That’s a nice way of putting it.

Sheila: But you also work super hard, very intense. Like you were very — we were cracking up I just remember, because after the leg press, you were like, I feel like I just had a baby!

Tim: With no epidural. That’d be a nice new service here, an epidural before you begin your work out.

Sheila: So I don’t think Anne did it, it was me. I just remember having so much fun and going, I love this woman.

Tim: Susan Fallon, no relation to Jimmy.

Adam: That’s a different network.

Tim: What do you do with CBS, that’s interesting.

Susan: Videotape editing,  but it’s not video anymore so it’s computer. Yeah, [Inaudible: 00:27:33]

Tim: And what do you edit?

Susan: The news.

Tim: So you go home depressed every day.

Susan: I try not to watch, but I have to watch what I’m doing, but no, it’s what you see on the shows every day.

Tim: Tell us, what led you to InForm Fitness? I know you met at a fair.

Susan: Age. No seriously, age, 50. 50 did it, just knowing I’m aging and knowing that if I don’t keep up my muscle tone and muscle mass, that I will not look very nice, fall apart.

Anne: You will unravel like a sweater.

Susan: All of that, just age brought me and I knew that I needed to do more.

Anne: We kicked butt.

Tim: So you come in on Sundays as do I, so we probably pass each other in the hallways


Susan: Sunday morning at 8.

Tim: I’m at 9:30 so from time to time. So Anne, tell us a little bit about Susan and her workout.

Anne: Susan is a very eager beaver. She comes in, usually ten minutes early, waiting at the door. She’s here often before I am, because I have to open. So she shows up and she’s ready to rock, we get right into it. Pull the chart, let’s go, and there’s no question about aren’t we going to warm up. There’s none of that, because she realizes that the first few rep are warmup, and she goes all of the way. She takes it to the limit every time on every machine, so she gets everything — I mean she knocks it out every time.

Susan: And it’s always straight to the leg press, which mother effing…

Anne: That’s the language I hear from her, it’s very very Brady Bunch.

Susan: I don’t curse, it’s just mother farquad. Safe. Lots of it.

Tim: With mother farquad, we don’t have to put an explicit rating on this, you can say that. Well when you’re approaching failure, those words do come to mind, and sometimes they come out of my mind, right Joe? So I’m right there with you, I understand. So tell us a little bit about Anne as your trainer.

Susan: She always is very specific when I ask a question. When I feel like I’m not sitting

properly or if I am sitting improperly, she’s quick to fix it and breathing and chest out, ladies pointing out, and just breathe. Stop.

Adam: Was that a breast reference? Ladies?

Susan: Stop holding your breath, just everything, she makes me go further.

Tim: She pushes you. Joe works me out on Sundays and I hear her because Anne is in there too, and Anne like Joe, they have a very quiet demeanor in how they push you, I suppose. Is that the right word? Motivate is probably a better term.

Susan: Push works. Motivate is fine, but what I love about Anne is when we’re talking and

sometimes she’ll say something funny, and then I’m in the middle of a rep towards the end and then I’m laughing, and it’s not good. We laugh, we giggle.

Adam: Anne’s in trouble! After this podcast, I’d like to talk to you in your office please.

Susan: I think I’ll shut up now.

Tim: Making you laugh when you’re in failure.

Anne: Sometimes I make an ah-ha on accident.

Sheila: It makes it fun, because honestly if I came here and it was just droll, I couldn’t do it. I have to have the companionship, because that’s actually what I feel like. A companionship.

Tim: Well having the relationship with our trainers, it’s almost like a social visit. It is for me anyway, when I come here and then we get to work out and catch up with our trainers, it’s

always fun and something to look forward to. Well Susan from CBS, thank you so much for

joining us! Welcome Johnny to the podcast now.

Adam: John is our most stylish trainer.

John: Alright that’s enough.

Tim: Alright again Sheila, you’re going to have to give us an introduction and do a little history with John here.

Sheila: Shortly after Joe I remember, we met John through another trainer that Adam had

certified, Ellie, and he was Ellie’s neighbor, right? The first time we met John, Adam was out here visiting, and I wanted to take Adam out to the Malibu Wines out in the middle of Malibu Canyon, and John came with Ellie and met us there just to talk and John, tell us what you thought about that.

John: I thought it was the best job interview I’ve ever had.

Adam: How often do you get drunk —

Sheila: And we were like yes we want you to be a trainer —

John: I showed up just wanting to have a drink and I left with a job and I was like, this is the greatest!

Adam: Like Anne said, you’ve got to show up.

Tim: You never know what’s going to happen.

Adam: So I haven’t had the chance to be trained yet by John, I know you’ve come in a few times…

Sheila: What I hear from all of John’s clients or many of them, is that he is like with an evil little smile on his face, he pushes them way past to whatever they thought they could do.

John: Maybe we’ll work a little too hard, probably.

Tim: They keep coming back and they see results, so I’m sure that’s true.

Sheila: Well he has a love/hate relationship —

Adam: He has that boyish look, right, and everyone thinks, he’s probably not going to train me that hard, look at this kid. Behind that nice cute smile of his, he’s kicking your butt.

Sheila: Very knowledgeable and he’s actually on a path to become a physical therapist.

Tim: Congratulations! How’s that going?

John: It’s going real slow, but it’s happening.

Tim: Well while it’s going, you’re here training everyone at InForm Fitness as well, throughout your education.

John: Exactly. I’ve learned a lot here actually, through Adam too. Taking this course is pretty cool. I’ve done a lot of stuff over the course of time but like —

Tim: Give us some details about that if you could please, about the course.

John: I started training like ten years ago, just doing normal, just working in 24, LA Fitness, that sort of stuff. And then went through college, played sports in high school, college, and that’s how I really got into training a lot, and then from there, I got into cross fit for a little bit. Thought I’d be the cool kid, doing the cross fits.

Tim: How long long did it take until you got hurt?

John: I actually lasted a pretty good amount of time, but I saw more injuries during those two years that I taught cross fit than I’ve ever seen playing sports in my entire career. Like high school, college, everything, it was crazy. So part of me was like, this doesn’t seen right. I looked good but I felt like shit to be honest.

Tim: It’s not worth it.

John: Exactly, and that’s kind of how I came across this. At first I was like this doesn’t sound right, I understand strength training and heavy lifting, I got all of that, but the thirty minutes once a week, it was just like nah, it’s not going to happen. My neighbor Ellie was just like repeatedly, you’ve got to try this, and I was like nah it’s cool, I do my own thing, it’s fine. Then finally she just got me in for one time and she just destroyed me. She worked me out hard and I was like this sucks, I got nauseous, that hadn’t happened in a long time. She really beat me up.

Adam: By a girl too.

John: Didn’t think it was possible!

Adam: Just kidding.

John: But then I was like yeah, kind of want to know more about this and try this, and I just slowly started falling in love with it a little bit more. So now I’ve been training here three years.

Sheila: I know, three years! Weren’t you the person that Joe used for his test? Yeah, John came in and John was the subject for Joe’s certification test.

John: Poor Joe. Adam was so much easier I feel than Joe.

Sheila: I think Adam was tired the day he did yours.

John: I feel like it’s when you have a bunch of kids, the last one, you just don’t care that much about. Do whatever you want, it’ll be fine.

Adam: My youngest kid doesn’t even know who I am. He’s like who are you, and I’m like, your dad!

Tim: Alright, well John thanks so much for jumping in with us today, it’s good for our audience to get to know you. And again, if you’re in the Southern California area, you’ll get a chance to meet all the trainers here at the Toluca Lake and then we’re going to have to do this in New York, Adam! Fly us out to us Manhattan and do it out there.

Adam: What a cast of characters we have out there. Let’s get this handsome couple here.

Tim: Bring them in. So welcoming another guest here on the podcast today is someone that I’ve had a chance to spend some time with, and for those of you that have maybe visited the InForm Fitness website, informfitness.com, might have seen her face and her working out. We have miss Suzanne with us today! Suzanne was kind enough to share her story with us on video, and we’re grateful that you could come by and talk to us on the podcast.

Suzanne: Well it’s nice to be here.

Sheila: Yes, you’re famous! Your testimonial.

Adam: Did a very nice video for us.

Sheila: Yes, thank you.

Adam: How much were you paid for that?

Tim: You had a real workout too, and I don’t think I went in there to film you goofing around. I caught you right in the middle of a real workout.

Suzanne: Yeah I was really doing the workout.

Sheila: Yeah, it was tough.

Tim: Tell us about your job, you have a pretty physical job, and it’s an interesting job as well.

Suzanne: Well I work as a costume supervisor on a television series, so there’s a lot of physical labor involved. A lot of lifting of things, pulling heavy racks, lifting heavy clothes, so it is a very physical job.

Tim: I can tell you right now, everyone listening is going, which television series is it! Is it okay to share that?

Suzanne: Sure, it’s Two Broke Girls.

Adam: I’ve heard of that.

Suzanne: It’s a fun show, but it’s very physical and I’ve had injuries over the years. Shoulder

injuries, wrist surgery, all that sort of stuff, so it’s really nice after a little more than a year of working out here, I feel so much stronger. I haven’t had an injury, it’s really been good.

Sheila: Suzanne comes in after — she comes in at about 6:15 in the evening, so it’s after work, and she’ll be tired. She’ll be like, ugh I’m kind of tired, but then she just always gives it her all and usually sometimes leaves feeling a lot better.

Suzanne: I always leave feeling better. I know that even though I’m tired and I really don’t want to go, and I really don’t want to work that hard, I know what I’m going to feel like when I come out of there, and it’s always better.

Sheila: Yeah, and you know that it’s fast.

Suzanne: I can do anything for twenty minutes. I can make it through this.

Tim: And you’ve been doing this for over a year now too, so I’m going to ask you the same thing that I ask everyone else. Is this the most sustainable workout that you’ve had through your life?

Suzanne: Yes it is. I’ve done other things, I’ve worked out with personal trainers, and I’ve never found anything that I really stuck with for this length of time. That has actually worked, and I like it.

Tim: It’s the results, it’s the lack of commitment. Well a commitment but — that didn’t come out right. It’s the results and the little bit of time that you have to give it.

Suzanne: Right, it’s a commitment that you can easily work into your schedule. It’s not something like oh my god, I’ve got to go spend two or three hours on a weekend or something. You can easily fit it into your schedule.

Sheila: The people who show up consistently, they’re the ones that get the most — obviously, you get the most out of it, but it’s a habit. I have clients that — like Suzanne, and I have some other clients for three years, four years now. One of our first clients. It’s like what Adam said, you don’t stop, it’s something sustainable for the rest of your life.

Tim: You’re going to have to do this forever now, you know that right? You’ve had a sip of the Koolaid.

Adam: I just want you to know that when we talk about consistency and you say that you’ve been consistent; consistency means once a week for twenty minutes, and there’s fifty two weeks in a year? If it’s a half hour workout, we’re talking about consistency, it means working out twenty six hours a year.

Tim: With these crazy awesome results too.

Adam: Consistency just means, in this case, twenty six hours a year.

Sheila: A little more than a day, a year.

Tim: Can you imagine doing this for a full day, straight?

Suzanne: I can barely do it for the half hour.

Tim: Well congratulations on the results that you’ve enjoyed and for sticking with it for a year, and again, thank you for participating with us in the video and the podcast.

Sheila: Thank you Suzanne!

Tim: So we’re bringing in yet another familiar face here at the Toluca Lake location of the

InForm Fitness. Sheila?

Sheila: She is Jan Tucker, she is our — she is the reason why we’re here, because she wanted to make the investment to bring this wonderful workout that she discovered to the LA, to the

Burbank area, and Adam, myself, and Jan are all business partners, but it’s because of Jan, and she’s been doing this, for how long now Jan?

Jan: Almost ten years, almost.

Sheila: Do you want to say how old you are?

Jan: Fair enough, I’m 75.

Tim: Holy smokes!

Sheila: I’ve got to tell you, she comes in here and she does more weight on some of those

machines than some of the younger girls, definitely.

Jan: Pull bar — that’s 240.

Sheila: 246 I think.

Jan: Oh yeah, you raised it.

Sheila: But also last year, I don’t know if you want to talk about this but you had a —

Jan: I had cancer.

Sheila: She had a biopsy and she had to have surgery, and she had to get a course of radiation after the surgery. Jan kept coming in, I got to tell you.

Tim: Through treatment and everything?

Sheila: She kept coming in through the treatment, everything.

Jan: I was trying to convince myself that it was all fine, and it worked.

Sheila: It did work, yes.

Tim: So it was more than what you were just benefitting physically from this workout, this was a mental boost for you as well.

Jan: Definitely, I know that, and I am a psychologist so I did it know it, and I was going to make it happen.

Tim: And you did it.

Jan: And Sheila’s been training me for quite a while.

Tim: So Sheila is your trainer then, and you just bumped her up six pounds!

Sheila: I push her, I do, I push her. She’ll come in and say okay, the knees are talking to me a

little bit Sheila, they’re talking to me.

Jan: It’s just bone on bone and I play tennis.

Sheila: But she just does it, and I have so much admiration. It’s like you have to keep coming in and doing that, and you’re going to stay strong and it’s so important. For mental and physical health.

Tim: Well Janet, 75 years old, if that isn’t a reason for all of us to keep doing this so we can be vibrant and active as you are at 75, battling cancer and kicking its butt and still coming in here and doing what you do, congratulations Janet, that’s wonderful.

Adam: Yeah, Jan, inspirational.

Tim: Terrific. Let’s hear it for Jan!

Adam: Chelsea Stark, she’s going through it right now. We just finished our first day of the

workshop, after twelve grueling weeks of studying and lectures.

Tim: Sorry for the interruption. So twelve weeks of lectures and studying. Give us more detail on what that includes.

Chelsea: A lot of reading material, once a week conference calls, I think there was three other — well first there was five other participants, and then it ended with three of us.

Adam: They weed out.

Tim: You only want the best. So what led you to want to learn — to be certified in this style of training?

Chelsea: I kind of stumbled upon it. I was introduced to Hector who is who I’m under, up in Northern California.

Adam: Hector owns a great studio up in Santa Rosa, California, Sonoma County. He owns a

facility very similar to ours.

Tim: Got you, so you were training under him.

Chelsea: I started in August, and I had about a month to decide if I was going to start the

certification process. Because at first I was kind of skeptical about this whole style of training, I was like what, once a week?

Sheila: Everyone is.

Chelsea: And I was doing like five days a week, power lifting. I had ACL surgery a year ago

yesterday actually.

Adam: Congratulations.

Chelsea: Thank you. So I was also going through ACL rehab, and this was just great. After

probably three weeks of doing it, I was like okay, I like it.

Tim: You have to actually do it to get it, don’t you?

Chelsea: Completely.

Tim: So you did it, while you were healing from your surgery. You were seeing the results,

feeling good. Maybe this is something that I could learn to do as a certified trainer. So has Adam been as difficult as he made it sound earlier, or is he actually kind of nice to work with?

Chelsea: He’s very nice.

Sheila: Wait until Sunday and then tell me how nice he is.

Chelsea: That’s what I’ve heard.

Tim: So where are you in the process now? We alluded to earlier that you’ve been through twelve weeks of studying and conference calls, so where are you now in your certification process?

Chelsea: I’m two days away from taking my certification.

Sheila: This is the final weekend!

Chelsea: So there’s a ton of information, and it seems so easy in my mind, but trying to portray it to clients and to Adam, it’s very intimidating.

Tim: So it’s kind of like a bootcamp, really, right? And so you’re just a couple of days away, and after this happens, after you become certified, because you’re gong to become certified, right? You’re feeling pretty strong about it?

Adam: If, if.

Tim: You’ve got think positively, right? When you become certified, what’s your next step, what are you going to do?

Chelsea: I’m going to be working under Hector.

Tim: In Northern California.

Chelsea: Yes, in Northern California, and hoping to build a clientele there. And spread the word around Sonoma County, because it’s not very popular up there.

Sheila: What is Hector’s — what’s the name of his place?

Chelsea: The Strengths Studio.

Tim: The Strengths Studio, alright. If you’re listening up in that area, listening to the podcast, InForm Nation, you could have Chelsea as your trainer, perhaps! Alright, well welcome to
InForm Nation and good luck on your certification, and then we’ll check back in with you maybe in a few months, see how it —

Adam: All kidding aside, Chelsea has flown through this course and she has been always

prepared and she seems very prepared now, and she’s going to become a great trainer one day.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Tim: Some high praise from the guru, very good. Good luck to you.

Sheila: So I have to introduce, this is my son, Michael Melody. I wanted to have him on because he’s been through this whole journey with me. When I first got certified, he was —

Adam: When was that now?

Sheila: I was certified six years ago in October, and when I was going through this whole thing, Michael was my guinea pig.

Tim: When mom says get on the machine, you get on the machine.

Sheila: He was basically my first client.

Michael: I loved it.

Sheila: Tell us about how that was for you.

Michael: I just remember when my mom basically was like really excited about getting into this new thing about the InForm Fitness, and I just remember like being really excited to try it out, and it was basically over at the neighbor’s house, which is Greg’s.

Sheila: Greg Burns.

Michael: And I wanted to start getting into fitness so —

Tim: How old were you at the time?

Michael: I can’t remember, 23, 24?

Sheila: 23.

Adam: So you’re like 29 now, 30?

Sheila: He just turned 30.

Tim: Wow it’s a big milestone.

Sheila: And I’m only 39 so…

Michael: So basically it was like I wanted to get into fitness and so she was really excited and I was like let me be your guinea pig, I was okay with that.

Tim: Well how great for you to be able to stumble upon this, or have your mom throw it upon you. Being in your early twenties and to change that trajectory of your life, as a young man, as you enter your thirties. I know you probably feel totally old and you’re not, so shut up about that.

Adam: You know what I’m impressed with, that a young man in his early twenties would

actually rely on his mom to train him.

Tim: That is true, you’re right about that.

Adam: I mean seriously, especially in this day and age, when kids don’t even want to be seen with their mom, much less —

Sheila: That’s how it was when we were kids, but that’s not how we are, right Michael?

Michael: I always liked that it was like a joke, but it was a good joke.

Sheila: It was, like my mom is my trainer.

Michael: They’re like your mom? And I’m like yeah, she kicks my ass. In a good way!

Sheila: And then he tries to bring his friends but they’re not at a point yet where they’re going I need to do this, you know what I mean.

Michael: I’m the lucky one, I get all the benefits.

Tim: So your friends when they’re forty might listen to you.

Michael: Yeah they will for sure, because I’ll have already done it for like twenty years or

something, and I’ll be like see, you guys missed out!

Tim: You won’t have the aches and pains that they have.

Michael: This workout changed my whole body.

Adam: Gave up In N Out burgers?

Michael: No way. That was open until 1 AM by my house, so I would always go after work at midnight, late night snack.

Tim: Protein style.

Michael: Protein style, no sodium.

Adam: And a chocolate shake.

Tim: Michael was one of — when we first met, he was one of the first people that we

interviewed for the video that we did for you, two years ago now. Look at how buff he is now, from the last two years! Michael, thanks for being with us.

Michael: Of course, thank you!

Sheila: Thank you honey.

Tim: Thinking of that video that we produced two years ago, I see two people here that were apart of that first video that we did two years ago, if I’m not mistaken.

Sheila: I see Christina and I see Steve!

Tim: That’s her best Miss Maryanne impression from [Inaudible: 00:51:22] right?

Sheila: So who is coming to sit down in the hot seat?

Adam: Steve Miller. He’s very shy about these things.

Steve: Thank you ladies and gentlemen!

Tim: Only in LA, I love it. Steve, good to see you again buddy, how are you? Thanks for joining us. Also been on video with us here at InForm Fitness with some of the testimonial videos that we’ve done, and appreciate you joining us here and participating in the holiday party.

Steve: Nice to be here!

Sheila: This is your third holiday party, isn’t it? Your third.

Steve: We started in November, two years ago. As a couple.

Sheila: They came in, on a Saturday, I remember and we had so much fun. The same thing with Susan, it was around the same time I think, and I remember how much fun we had with you guys.

Steve: Oh we laughed and laughed.

Tim: You and I have had the chance to have a few exchanges as we’ve passed in the hallways here from time to time, and you mentioned to me that you really embraced pillar number two from Adam’s book, The Nutrition. So tell us about some of those changes that you made to help you with your journey here, with power of ten at InForm Fitness.

Steve: Starting a little over a year ago, I mainly cut down on the calories. I was eating healthy, so I couldn’t understand why I was gaining weight, why I was getting a stomach, but you can eat healthy and if you’re eating 3,000 calories a day, you’re going to get fat. So it doesn’t matter if it’s just grass fed beef, so I cut it down. Simple math. And I remember what you said, 2, 2, and 2. Remember that? Want to explain that?

Tim: Sure, so many, many years ago, I saw my physician and he was huge, he was really big. Which I thought was odd for a physician. Saw him six months later and he wasn’t as big, and I asked him what he did, and he told me that he walked two miles a day, drank two gallons of

water, and 2,000 calories a day. I don’t know necessarily what those 2,000 calories were made up of, but he lost a lot of weight. I followed that back then, that had to have been at least fifteen years ago, and I did lose a lot of weight at that time. It wasn’t very sustainable for me.

Adam: Yeah, you look great. But two gallons a day, you’ll spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

Sheila: I wonder what that’s —

Adam: 200, 56 ounces?

Sheila: Oh my gosh.

Tim: It worked for a while, but it wasn’t sustainable.

Steve: I figure if I’m wrong, nobody is going to know. That one point dexter in the back going, no I got two…

Adam: How many feet in a mile? A lot.

Tim: So Steve, I have a question. So you’ve been working out here with your wife for the last couple of years. You don’t come together, or do you?

Steve: We do, on Saturdays.

Adam: They workout side by side too, how great is that.

Steve: We grunt next to each other.

Sheila: They switch trainers, Joe and John. They switch every week, right?

Steve:  It’s so painful. Every week it’s like they’re swingers… oh god it’s like I’ve got John, damn. Next week it’s like I got Joe, damn.

Adam: Who’s worse?

Steve: I think they’re both worse, if that’s possible.

Tim: But how much fun is that to do with your wife, because you really — this is a passion to do this and see the results and be able to share that with your wife, and be able to see the results that you’re enjoying together, that must be great.

Steve: It’s wonderful, and when you know you’re done, you’re both done, after twenty or thirty minutes, or in our case about three hours, because then we talk.

Sheila: I know, we have so much fun.

Adam: I was just saying how great it was that Sheila’s son was willing to be trained by her, and now I’m thinking to myself, what a great relationship you guys must have to work out side by side, because not a lot of couples want to be in the same room with each other, much less

working out side by side with each other. So kudos to a good relationship.

Steve: It’s a new concept in marriage, we actually like each other.

Adam: How is that working out?

Steve: Actually pretty good.

Tim: Well some people take ballroom dancing, you come in for twenty minutes once a week and push weights together, that’s fantastic. Well Steve, thanks so much.

Adam: We had people coming in and saying, don’t tell my husband that I’m coming here.

Sheila: Oh my gosh!

Adam: I’m using my own credit card.

Sheila: Yeah we get that sometimes.

Adam: He doesn’t want me to spend the money.

Sheila: Yeah we get that, I’m paying you in cash so that my husband doesn’t know. It’s like what is up with you husbands?

Adam: Don’t look at him, they are very transparent obviously.

Steve: But I will say even financially, the cost of one here is like the cost — most people train three times a week, most guys, so right there it’s a third. For a fraction of the time. I was training, before I did this, an hour three days a week, and this is easier obviously, it’s less expensive

obviously, and I think the results, if anything, are better.

Tim: That’s a win/win/win right there.

Sheila: Super focused.

Tim: What a testimonial. Thanks so much for being with us again.

Steve: It’s a pleasure.

Tim: That’s going to put the wraps on this episode. We want to thank everybody for your participation.

Sheila: Thank you all for coming.

Adam: That was fun, that was a lot of fun.

Sheila: Got all the good peeps on.

Adam: Let’s break out the coconut water.

Tim: I thought you were going to say the coconut oil, it’s that type of party.

Adam: Lather it on baby!