11 Calm Down Ladies, You Won’t Bulk Up!

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The number of women clients who express their fear of “bulking up” from doing strength training
at Inform Fitness grows every day. Almost all the people who train at an Inform Fitness locations
want to ‘tone up’ and create “long and lean” muscles. The fact is most women won’t “bulk up”
from weight lifting.

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Intro:               You’re listening to the InForm Fitness podcast, 20 minutes with New York Times, best-selling author, Adam Zickerman and friends. Brought to you by InForm Fitness, life changing personal training with several locations across the US. Reboot your metabolism and experience the revolutionary Power of 10, the high intensity, slow motion, strength training system that’s so effective, you’d get a week’s worth of exercise in just one 20-minute session, which by no coincidence is about the length of this podcast. So, get ready InForm Nation, your 20 minutes of high intensity strength training information begins in 3, 2, 1.

Tim:                 Alright. Welcome back InForm Nation. Thanks again for joining us here on the InForm Fitness podcast, 20 minutes with Adam Zickerman and friends. I’m Tim Edwards with the Inbound Podcasting Network joined as always by Sheila Melody with the InForm Fitness Toluca Lake location here in Southern California with me. And across the country we have Mike Rogers from the Manhattan location and Adam Zickerman, the founder of InForm Fitness. This podcast is designed, created and produced to help you super charge your metabolism and to increase cardiovascular endurance which will make you leaner and stronger. Just ask one of our founding members of InForm Nation, Susanne who feels that she’s discovered the fountain of youth within the walls of the Toluca Lake InForm Fitness location.

Susanne:          I’m in my early 60s and the workouts have made me feel a whole lot, like, younger. I’ve been coming here for a few months and I can already see the results. Not just in having more energy but I can see the results in muscle tone. Other people are like, “Wow, you look great.” And that obviously makes you feel good so you keep coming back but I can see it when I look in the mirror. I can see the muscle tone and that’s one thing I wanted to get from this workout was not only to feel more healthy and more energetic, just to look better.

Adam:             I’m glad that she’s looking better and aesthetics is obviously a very important thing to people but what really resonated with me was when she said she felt younger. And then went on to say that she felt stronger, improved endurance, more energy I think she used the word, energy. And that is markers of youth.

Tim:                 In part of Susanne’s interview that you’ll see in later videos that we produced for InForm Fitness, she does mention the fact that she did want to work out. She did want muscle tone but she did not want to get that bulky buffed look. Is that something that you hear from a lot of your female clients when they come in for an intake? Are they concerned about bulking up?

Mike:               Every single one of them. [laughter]

Tim:                 Really? Really?

Sheila:             Yeah. Exactly. I was going to say the same thing.

Adam:             Almost. Almost every single one.

Sheila:             Unless they already have, you know, a lot of experience working out. Then they don’t really ask that question but most women think that they’re going to, if they’re building muscle, they’re going to get bigger, you know, and it’s just not true.

Adam:             When a female tells me they’re afraid to bulk up, I say, you should want to bulk up. But I don’t want to bulk up, I said, you do want to bulk up. Says, but I really don’t want to bulk up. No, you do want to bulk up. [laughter] We go back and forth and right before she’s about to walk out of my office I finally come clean with her and I say look [laughs] you know, listen, you know, you have such little potential of getting bulky the way you’re afraid of being bulky. But the reason I say you do want to bulk up because every muscle you do put on your frame is just going to be a huge benefit to you and it’s not going to look bad and you really need it. So, let’s hope that this will be too much for you where you bulk up so much that you don’t even like all your muscles. That’s a good prompt to have. We can just work out less at that point but —

Sheila:             Very hard to achieve. Especially for a woman. Yeah. It’s like if you’re going to be a bodybuilder and —

Adam:             It’s hard for guys for crying out loud.

Sheila:             Yeah. It’s hard for guys too.

Adam:             Crying out loud.

Sheila:             Oh my gosh.

Adam:             I’m one of those guys. [laughter]

Sheila:             It’s one thing that I want to make clear too is just they say, “Oh, I want to be toned.” Well-toned is muscle. You know, when you’re toning up that’s what you’re doing. You’re building your muscle.

Tim:                 So, what’s the difference between toning and body building?

Adam:             Genetics. That’s the difference.

Tim:                 Hm [contemplative].

Adam:             I mean the reason those women look the way they do is they have multiple genetic cards not just one genetic card but a combination of a bunch of genetic cards that just happen to go in that direction. It’s rare. That’s why it’s so rare because that’s like a royal flush of genetics as opposed to a straight or three of a kind. You know, it’s not that hard to get three of a kind but to get the kind of genetic combination like these women have, it’s like a royal flush.

So many different factors have to be pointed in that direction on a genetic level. The way your body stores fat, the way your body builds muscle, the tendon lengths of your muscles, the muscle belly sizes. The list actually goes on and on. Your levels of other kinds of hormones.

Mike:               There’s also a lot of supplement — in body building and especially the competitive body building there’s a lot of supplementation and a lot of hormone supplementation. And it’s actually very hard to do that —

Adam:             True.

Mike:               Naturally for a lot of the people who are involved in that.

Adam:             Well, yes and no. Yes, absolutely the steroids helped but there are a lot of natural body builder competitions and those people that win those competitions or even have the chutzpah to enter those competitions are still already blessed even without the drugs and they are much different from your average joe.

Mike:               Yeah. It’s a genetic predisposition. Certainly.

Sheila:             Yeah. It’s like the question —

Adam:             And we talk about genetics, it’s also, you know, how they react to the way you eat. And we all say like, oh it’s diet. It’s diet. It’s mostly diet. Well a lot of it is diet for them but even for them when they go on a low carb diet it works beautifully for them whereas some people that go on a low carb diet, which is supposed to work for everybody, and I say low carb loosely because I don’t want to get into the whole, you know, philosophies of fat loss but, you know, the paleo type of diet has been shown to really work well for a lot of people. You know, it doesn’t work well for everybody and it works particularly well for body builders for example. I mean, it’s just they have all the genetic cards including how they metabolize glucose and sugar and all that stuff.

Tim:                 Well what about — are the body builders are they working out more than once a week and perhaps rising injury by — then that’s how they’re bulking up is because they’re lifting three times a week or five times a week.

Adam:             No. Not necessarily. They could actually be inhibiting some of their progress. But again, those kind of guys, they just have to look at a weight and start getting bigger. I mean, it almost doesn’t matter what they do. As long as they do something they’re going to get big and they are getting hurt if by overtraining. A lot of them are getting hurt overtraining and they necessarily have to do that and that’s —

I’m glad you brought that up because I’m interviewing tomorrow, a person that’s going to be on one of our future podcasts, a fitness model who is essentially a body builder. He has entered some competitions but he’s really on the cover of a lot of fitness magazines that you see without their shirts on and completely ripped and huge. And he’s going to be talking about how he just does this type of workout and that the idea that bodybuilders have some kind of magical or special workout is a fallacy. And he’s going to say I look the way I look not because I work out more or better. I look the way I look because I have these type of genetics.

Tim:                 Alright. Certainly looking forward to hear that interview which will appear in future podcasts here at the InForm Fitness podcast, 20 minutes with Adam Zickerman. Speaking of which we’re pretty close to that 20-minute mark. Any more thoughts that you’d like to add? Sheila, perhaps, being the lone female on the show [laughs] in terms of bulking up.

Sheila:             I just wanted to say, you know, I get this all the time obviously but one of the questions that we discuss in the certification Adam has on his questionnaire when we’re practicing is, you know, what do you do when a client says, “I want to get Michelle Obama arms.” [laughter] And you’re like well, that, those are her arms, you can’t get her arms. You’re going to get the best version of your arms because everybody’s muscles are shaped differently and everybody, you know, my arms don’t look the same as Ann, who’s the other trainer in our studio, because our bodies are totally different. So, you know, be the best you and as Adam said, the muscle on your body is going to benefit you in so many ways. So, bulk up, ladies.

Tim:                 Bulk up. Bulk up, ladies. It’s a good thing. Again we invite you to head over to informfitness.com to review the blog post that we discussed today. Will women bulk up from weight training? And the answer is, of course Adam mentioned earlier and Sheila just alluded to it again, yes, you want to bulk up and I think we’ve answered those questions here today. In just about a minute we have a question from another member of our InForm Nation family. Aiden in Thornton, Colorado shot us an email and asks how old is too old to participate with the slow motion high intensity weight training system. Adam, Mike and Sheila will give us their two cents on that in just about 60 seconds.

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Alright. In just a few minutes we’ll get to that email from Aiden. But first let’s hear from longtime InForm Nation member, Amir.

Amir:               I started with InForm Fitness about two years ago and I really love it. I mean, I actually live about an hour away. So, I drive an hour to come here. Honestly, it’s amazing to me that in, you know, 20, 30 minutes, you can walk out of here and I can feel like, you know, some of the workouts I had where I was going for an hour. You know, here it’s like I’m getting the benefits but I’m not just completely wiped out. I feel it but it feels good afterwards. It’s like it feels right.

Adam:             The thing I react to when I heard which is the very last thing he said, it feels right. I tell people that after a couple of workouts that they’re not going to need me to sell them on this concept anymore.

Mike:               That’s true.

Adam:             They’re going to intuitively realize, “Ah, I get it.” Their body is going to understand. They’re just going to intuitively understand that this is what they should be doing. And that’s what I felt when he said, it just felt right. Like, he just knew that the safety, the logic behind it, how they feel when they’re done, the results later, it makes total complete sense.

Tim:                 It does and that’s my favorite part of Amir’s comment. Appreciate him participating in the program. He attends the Toluca Lake location where Sheila trains and when he said it feels right as somebody who’s been training there for several months, that’s exactly how I feel. I’m not wiped out after the workout but I do feel like I did something really great for my body and that lasts for several days to where I can’t wait to get back in the gym the following Sunday. So, you know, I think what he was comparing his workout that he has been doing now or has been doing for the last two years at InForm Fitness with the workouts he’s been doing before, years before where he was there for an hour and it would just kill him, well, he’s getting that workout now in 20 minutes and consolidating his time in the gym.

Now, let’s focus on those individuals who may be interested in starting the Power of 10 but have never really participated in any type of exercise regime of any kind. For instance, we have InForm Nation member, Aiden, who is in the Thornton, Colorado area, is concerned about his mother. It says:

“Adam, thanks for your podcast. I’m very interested in learning more about your Power of 10 and just ordered your book from Amazon. My mother is severely overweight and in her late 60s. I’m considering visiting your location in Boulder and want to take her with me to check it out. She says though that she’s too old and fat for a workout as intense as yours. I look forward to hearing from you, Aiden.”

So, here’s a guy that’s close to the Boulder location and wants to do it himself but Aiden wants to bring his mom in because she’s overweight and in her 60s. Is she too old to start this workout and possibly a little bit too overweight, Adam?

Adam:             No.

Tim:                 [laughs] Plain and simple.

Sheila:             Never too old.

Tim:                 Do you suggest perhaps that she should maybe see a doctor prior to beginning her workout?

Adam:             Yes.

Tim:                 And that’s it for today’s episode. That’s all — [laughter] is that a concern do you think? Do you ever get that from people that think I’m too big to do this, severely obese people?

Adam:             No. It is a concern and the answer is that simple. Yes, you should check with your doctor or I’d want to know if there’s any health problems associated with being obese. Some people don’t have a lot of other associated health problems such as high blood pressure and things like that. It’s actually amazing to me how many people can be pretty overweight and not have a lot of those dangerous markers. On the other hand, a lot of people do and we have to get clearance if they do, from a doctor, make sure that it’s okay to do. On the other hand, the intensity in of itself because you’re overweight or you’re older, you build up the intensity to somebody that’s severely out of shape. You know, you’re conservative at the beginning but there’s no reason why over time that somebody that hasn’t been in shape and is overweight can’t work out intensely.

Tim:                 Sheila, don’t you have a client that came to you a few years ago who was severely overweight did this protocol on their own and had some tremendous success?

Sheila:             Well, I wouldn’t say she was severely overweight. I would say she was, you know, definitely would be considered obese. She was probably over 200 pounds and you know just an average sized girl. She was very active though. You know, musician. Not active in sports or anything. She actually came into me, she hated going to the gym. She hated group classes. She was like, literally was like, I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do this. I said, good, you’re going to love this workout and she was like intrigued by that. By my answer and my, you know, like I was confident she would love this.

So, she went and tried it and I did work out with her for several months. I showed her. She absolutely loved it. Actually she did put a yelp review several years ago when she started. She’s continued to do the workout according to the book. She looks at the book. She goes to her gym and she does it. She said, everybody’s looking at her and going why is she going so slow? And she’s been doing it —

Adam:             And why is she holding that book in her hand?

Sheila:             [laughter] Well, I think she, like, took pictures of it with her phone and so she could know what she’s doing. She really attributes her continued weight loss and her sticking to the program, she would not be exercising, if it wasn’t for this workout.

Tim:                 Well, the woman of which we speak will joining us in the next two episodes of the InForm Fitness podcast. Her name is Joanie Pimentel. She’s also a member of the LA based band, No Small Children. Sheila just gave us a quick overview of what Joanie will be talking about but Joanie will go into great detail on how she shed about 118 pounds over the last two years with the Power of 10. If you’re thinking about embarking on a weight loss journey, make sure you join us. I guarantee Joanie will inspire you. Plus, we might even turn you onto a great new band. Check out nosmallchildren.com to see their music videos including the one filmed at InForm Fitness in Toluca Lake.

If you’d like to participate in the conversation here on the podcast and officially join InForm Nation with a comment or question, send us an email or record a voice memo on your phone and send it to podcast@informfitness.com. You can even do it the old fashioned way by giving us a call at 888-983-5020, Ext. 3. That’s 888-983-5020, Ext. 3. A few more reminders for you before we get out of here. If we’ve piqued your curiosity and you want to learn more about the Power of 10, click on the link in the show notes that will guide you to Adam’s book. It’s a nice easy read with a simple nutrition plan and all the exercises you need to lose fat, build muscle and super charge your metabolism.

If you want to try the workout for yourself with one of their many cool and certified trainers, bounce on over to informfitness.com to see if there is a location near you. And finally, please subscribe to the podcast here in iTunes. It’s absolutely free to subscribe and all it takes are a few simple clicks. We would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for listening to the InForm Fitness Podcast. For Adam, Mike and Sheila, I’m Tim Edwards with the Inbound Podcasting Network.