Gym Manhattan NY

Our Superior Gym Equipment in the Hands of Our Trainers:

Essential to an Inform Fitness Workout, Essential for Your Success.

Personal trainer and founder Adam Zickerman guides a young female client through the Power of 10 workout on the chest press machine in Manhattan, NY.The equipment at Inform Fitness differs significantly from ordinary exercise machines. They have been modified with important upgrades by specialized machinists that will make your workout safer and more efficient. Every piece of equipment we use reflects advanced mechanical answers to complex anatomical realities not taken into account by commercial gym equipment manufacturers.  We came to these modifications after careful observation by expert trainers during many thousands of hours of close exercise supervision.   As technology changes, and newer, better materials, components, and mechanisms become available, we will build, test, and employ the upgrades without hesitation. That’s why our equipment has a different “feel,’ a very natural “action” that is far and away more agreeable.  The feel is “right.”

Leading Features of Our Gym Machines include:

  • Solid construction with anatomical positioning pads to keep you in good form, sure, and secure
  • Multi-adjustability that  custom-fits any of our machines to anybody, regardless of size
  • Flexible range of movement to allow as much motion as safety allows or to limit motion to your custom range.
  • Automatic variable resistance to provide muscles the optimal resistance, at the various points to avoid strain and to speed the strengthening effect.
  • Counter balances on all moving parts to cancel out the weight of the movement arms and trainee’s limbs thus allowing even the weakest person to lift a very small starting resistance.

Each of these important upgrades and retrofits engineered in our equipment gives our Inform Fitness Instructors an unequalled flexibility in designing and personalizing your exercise prescription as well as the ability to measure and register your improvement.

Original patent for the torso pullover machine.After twenty years of experimentation in the exercise field, Arthur Jones built and sold the first Nautilus machine in 1970.  His vision took form in the pullover machine for the torso muscles.  His machine was the first exercise tool on the market that incorporated “automatically variable resistance,” the first meaningful improvement in exercise results since the invention of the plate-loading, adjustable barbell in 1901.  The resistance was varied by the use of a brilliantly designed spiral, a.k.a., a cam, which reproduces the inside of a nautilus shell. As the weight is lifted and the cable is pulled around the varying perimeter of the cam, the resistance changes in accordance to the muscles differing strength levels.   Introduced by Jones in the new Nautilus machine technology, the cam became the hallmark of exercise efficiency

Certain other improvements over existing strength training apparatus were also incorporated into his design. Earlier methods of conditioning had featured long hours of numerous exercises for strength plus other activities for endurance and flexibility. Arthur wrote guidelines for the proper teaching and use of these machines that greatly increased their effectiveness. By incorporating the cam, Nautilus Training Principles, and other innovations Jones was able to make the statement “…three times the result in one-tenth the time.”

That first machine got the attention of bodybuilders at first, but later, the NFL. Don Shula was interested in a rapid means to means to strengthen his Miami Dolphins.  The Nautilus training resulted in back-to-back Super Bowl wins two years after the team started Nautilus training. By 1979, all but one NFL team had a Nautilus weight room, and the entire fitness industry was changed.  Excellent results and speed of improvement sparked the proliferation of Nautilus Clubs everywhere.

Features of the Nautilus Pullover that dramatically improved exercise efficiency were incorporated into their whole line of equipment and Nautilus quickly became the leader in the physical training/conditioning field.  In fact, before Microsoft, Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries was the fastest growing company in the history of American business. And it started with a Pullover machine built with a borrowed $500.00.