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“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”

—Tony Robbins

The Power of 10 Certification Program

The Power-of-10 Certification Program utilizes a comprehensive eight-week course of preparation and study, soon to be available online, and is complete with a two-day, hands-on workshop, and then commences with Final Testing and Certification.

To inquire and learn more, contact Adam Zickerman at or call (212) 755-9895.

Want to become a Certified Power-of-10 Strength Training Instructor?

We are hiring only top-level professionals to present and apply our training technique. In this creative and dynamic environment, the Strength Training Instructor will be an active and key contributor to the success and growth of InForm Fitness.

Every Power-of-10 Instructor should internalize this elegant quote. Since exercise is a topic about which many people have strong opinions and beliefs, it’s imperative that the Instructor understand a client before trying to persuade him that his running is ruining his knees. All too often an inexperienced, zealous Instructor will proselytize about this special workout and try to dazzle with all the latest ‘research’ and buzzwords. Instead, an Instructor should take the time to understand the problems, beliefs and concerns of a Client. Unless people trust you and believe that you understand them, they will most likely be too angry, defensive, guilty or afraid to be influenced. So what does it take to be a Power-of-10 Instructor?

Aside from being a skilled and artful communicator, it’s essential for a Power-of-10 Instructor to also be a critical thinker.

Arthur Jones, the inventor of Nautilus, and other great innovators in exercise before and after him, have raised vital questions and problems with the existing methods of exercise and have offered alternative systems and approaches. Slow- cadence, high intensity strength training is the product of this kind of groundbreaking thinking. By practicing critical thinking, you will develop a sound foundation and a mindset to question established wisdom and to think in a way that deconstructs myths about fitness.

So, why am I emphasizing communication and critical thinking before I even tell you about the certification program? Because you can learn everything there is to know about this method of exercise, but it won’t mean a thing unless you can effectively communicate with your clients, and guide them to perform the exercise properly.

Candidates should meet all (or most) of the following criteria:

– Possess a nationally recognized personal trainer certification
– Have an understanding of or strong curiosity in High Intensity Training principles
– Be a skilled and artful communicator
– Have an understanding of the scientific method and critical thinking
– Be charismatic
– Be a sharp listener
– Can show empathy